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In Ementsa of 70 time initial stage, italy produced a deep social culture to change, can say be is revolt, traitorous time. Change in this in, dress also is fitting new way of life subsequently, kappa is this changing child.

In the brand virgin at the beginning of, kappa begins to provide assistance to all sorts of movement groups. According to statistic, arrive from 98 years 2002, kappa sponsorred 220 right-and-left teams of 27 countries and individual in all. Involved sports item has the project of 16 individual Yo such as volleyball of football, ski, cricket, beach, hockey. Below the powerful support that supports action, kappa sponsorred Italy about at was being signed 1981 Youwentusi football club, sponsorred the United States successfully to attend again subsequently 1984 the national track team of los angeles Olympic Games. In supporting an activity, the product of the use innovation fabrics that Kappa brand place offers, unforgettable design and delegate brand language and brand image had decisive effect, make of Kappa brand famous degree be able to promote quickly.

Additional, while Kappa is having commitment, march actively still recreational industry. Kappa and recreational industry are having very extensive contact, arrive from music TV, arrive from the cinema groovy celebration, had the much promotion activity that has specific aim to disparate recreational industry. Kappa passes the transmission carrier such as movie and TV, broadcast, magazine, Internet hard, trying leader and the trend that create popularity.

The accords with market rule right brand of Kappa brand locates, make the business content inside limits of Kappa alive bound is enjoying high-speed to grow. Unforgettable ad saying " He Who Loves Me Follows Me " , make the brand image of Kappa is able to promote ceaselessly. And since Kappa brand entered Chinese market 2002, its " motion, vogue, sex appeal, grade " the market activity of brand fixed position and bring out the best in each other, also make Kappa brand more and more get the favour of fashionable gens. What Kappa brings is wonderful, be worth to expect.

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