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Be equal to gram (China) limited company contributes money to establish 5 millio

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On August 16, be equal to gram (China) limited company contributes the beneficent and special foundation of 5 million to hold water in Hui Anzheng type.

As we have learned, this special and primitive fund is 5 million yuan with the RMB fiducial, basically use at aid tired, award learns, aid learn 3 projects. By be equal to gram (China) limited company is annual appropriate regards special fund as 250 thousand yuan charge, among them, award learns annual 50 thousand yuan, aid learn annual 100 thousand, aid is stranded annual 100 thousand yuan. Award learns and aid learn limits radiate to install a county to benefit each villages and towns tastes the impoverished student that learns to hold actor concurrently, what every year will 65 teach bureau examine and verify to offer by the county is medium examinee and tall examinee get the v/arc bounties bestowed by a monarch or an official to this special fund. The limits that aid strands is a gram (China) seat of limited company plant area -- , the poverty of the industrial district austral the city door.

According to not complete count, be equal to gram company holds water up to now, the money other people that accumulative total donates has exceeded 30 million yuan.

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