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Be equal to gram sneaker appoints sneaker into Chinese spaceflight

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On July 8 morning, chinese spaceflight foundation was held in center of conference of international of Guangzhou white cloud " be equal to news briefing of partner of career of spaceflight of China of the autograph that overcome add " , be equal to the gram continues to enjoy Chinese spaceflight foundation to grant sprotswear the industry exclusive " partner of Chinese spaceflight career " honorary title, "Be equal to gram " sneaker, kit continues to obtain " Chinese spaceflight appoints sneaker, kit " . According to introducing, this is a gram take the lead in signing agreement company 2 times with Chinese spaceflight foundation in numerous spaceflight partner. This both sides renews the contract 5 years.

The spot is signed in add, huo Anyao's general is opposite secretary-general of Chinese spaceflight foundation a gram undertook giving a shop sign, subsequently, "Forum of height of sale of Chinese enterprise spaceflight " also hold along with all the others, how does the delegate that comes from domestic college group, sale group, enterprise begin spaceflight sale to give to the enterprise in succession discuss actively. Regard the pioneer of internationalization of domestic movement brand as the delegate, be equal to the gram accumulated deep product and sale foundation 20 years, after starting internationalization 5 years, sponsor strange cup of dimension of Si Tan division in succession inside multinomial international match, revealed powerful brand actual strength. All these got spaceflight branch expert approbate, of the same age in September, be equal to the partner that overcomes first time to become Chinese spaceflight foundation, signed 3 years of contracts, it is wine spring, Xi Chang early or late two emissive centers present value respectively the sneaker of 1 million above is taken. In the god began during 6 flying Apsaras " wear a gram to aid spaceflight " sales promotion activity, be equal to gram brand image and ethical affection win tremendous promotion. a sports product that the gram makes artisan division level with spaceflight character all the time, sign first in 5 years after making an appointment with, be equal to the gram uses a rocket 3 class are aided advance a principle, own research and development gives an industry to precede " be equal to technology of damping of gram Pkrocket3 class " , many application is like Er of favour · Ba Di to reach at team of spokesman NBA rocket " Ares " on the product such as special shoe of Liu Yudong match. This second autograph is made an appointment with, be equal to the gram will renew the contract 5 years at Chinese spaceflight, will collective experience " god 7 manned airship " blast off etc a series of aviation activity, this is opposite an enormous sense that milepost type had more for the gram.
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