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Force of Dou Jinjiang bend makes the shoe city of first sports of Chinese

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"River of advance of Fujian of live abroad countryside will be all-around force of bend of advantage of resource of have the aid of makes city of first sports of Chinese, of function of city of stimulative advance Jiangchen perfect with savour promotion, form Zhang Du's attractive one channel on the west bank city calling card. " municipal Party committee of river of advance of the Communist Party of China publicizes ministerial Zhang Yongning 21 days here to channel of Chinese network media the bank goes on the west large interview a group to say so.

Current, china still does not have sports city. Drew near of the Olympic Games increasingly 2008 as Beijing, the sports industry that regards China as industry of burgeoning rising sun is growing quickly, make the new point of growth that Chinese economy grows gradually.

Wang Jun of deputy director general of national sports total bureau expresses before this, at present China already became the sporting goods with the greatest whole world to create base, the sporting goods is being managed by the product manage change to the brand. Jin Jiang already had good base in the development of the respect such as sporting goods manufacturing industry, had built sports property base, have maneuverability and development latent capacity.

Zhang Yongning's minister says, jin Jiang puts forward to make sports city, the largest dominant position depends on its solid sports property base, jin Jiang is the throughout the country's important sporting goods creates base, occupy whole town GDP with the sports product that sporting goods manufacturing industry gives priority to among them become 8, have a sporting goods to produce a business more than 3000, brand of sports of 42 states level, sports appears on the market company 3. In addition, the match of Yo of seventeen heavy general interest such as league matches of volleyball of the group of 16 countries movement such as team of assistance China feather, gymnastic team and CBA, whole nation, hire 76 sports star to be company image spokesman, devoted amount exceeds billion yuan.

Jin Jiang is afterwards Shenzhen, Chengdu later, the base of property of sports of the 3rd country that via national sports total bureau formal approval builds. Zhang Yongning expresses, base of property of sports of advance river country will draw lessons from PPP(of Singapore sports city produce an official to cooperate) development form, optimize industrial structure, transition of stimulative city economy, base of the throughout the country's important the demonstrative base that bend force makes national sports industry develop, sporting goods manufacturing industry and the sports city that have international effect.

According to introducing, base of property of sports of advance river country is initial establish " head one center of 2 ground " strategic layout. "One belt " it is to point to in coastal big channel (Jin Na paragraph) the district program of kilometer of more than 50 square mixes two side construction seaside campaign plays the industry takes; " 2 ground " make global sports namely base of equipment manufacturing industry.
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