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A magic weapon that Li Ning makes a brand, " assistance philosophy "

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Of Li Ning " the curve saves the nation " train of thought is existing all the time since Li Ning company establishs, "Assistance philosophy " looking in Li Ning is the one big a magic weapon that makes a brand.

2008 the Olympic Games, once gymnastic champion Li Ning, participate in the competition of sponsor of Olympic Games sporting goods with mercantile identity, was defeated by tycoon of world sporting goods finally however Adidasi.

20 years a metempsychosis. After-thought removes the Seoul Olympic Games 1988, li Ning suffers a defeat accidentally in the last match, fell from rings. Although he is to resemble customary and same area wearing what smile steps down competition ground at that time, but was full of however in the heart dismay and sad.

Face an Olympic Games to suffer a defeat again, as mercantile Li Ning, had done not have in those days feel dejected, he became much a reason and answer leisurely.

On January 3, 2007, it is a day when let Li Ning lose, because he is defeated again,was in on Olympic Games competition ground. Nevertheless, this his competitor is not other gymnast, however tycoon of international sporting goods Adidasi.

The Olympic Games was about to undertake in his door mouth 2008, dan Lining company suffers a defeat in the competition of Olympic Games sponsor however, the Adidasi with abundant financing beats Li Ning company finally, become the 7th partner that BOCOG chooses.

It is sporting goods company together, it is world-renowned brand together, the encounter of the company becomes Li Ning company and Adidasi constant some thing. 1999, grand of day of reputation of Li Ning company, there is job of world sporting goods in element " the Olympic Games " on the Munich exposition that say, world sports tycoon the delegate of the company discovers Adidasi suddenly, adjoin gets him to exhibit on the side is a brand that never has heard of -- China " Li Ning " card sporting goods. With such " colossus " compare a shoulder and stand, wet behind the ears " Li Ning " the person just began a heart to be hanged in in the air. Those who have good fortune is, this premonitions bodefully did not become reality. Enter swing the world's old agency people the prestige that respects world famous brand already, believe oneself are old more hot eye. They watch the clothing that Li Ning company manufactures and sneaker carefully, see pattern, feel fabrics, investigate do manual work, examine content of science and technology, a little attentive businessman returns a pinprick careful look of ground of a pinprick, finally, the product of Li Ning company lets their be convinced eventually. Come from Europe and on the west inferior the indent that the travelling merchant of and other places signed mark of hundred thousands of Germany on the spot, many mercantile rush up in a crowd, contending for talk about sale agent authority.

Somebody does not know ins and outs, its ask not tire of irritatedly " Li Ning " the person of the company: Are you Japanese? Korean? Be a Taiwanese? A chain of " NO " later, li Ning's person tells them proudly: "We are Chinese, come from the mainland! " the one side that these experienced and knowledgeable businessmen showed their ignorant right now: They cannot believe, the so outstanding product that oneself see and brand image are met the hand of enterprise of out China inland.
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