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Gram of grand star Er sets foot on new journey end: TO BE NO.1

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Hong Xinger is overcome, swan of grand of implied meaning resembling is same, exhibit lofty ambition, not Wei is hard, constant challenge, go all out in work ceaselessly, make excellent model. Its are bearing the weight of the expectation with good to the enterprise father and to company staff clank teachings, person of incentive gram of grand star Er goes all out in work up, active enterprising, found great cause. A name defined a kind of spirit, from this name we can see the spirit of enterprise that Hong Xinger overcomes: Tough, go all out in work. And the culture that deduces in this kind of spirit, nature is the culture that act vigorously takes, culture that go all out in work, this can develop course to be pleasant to the eye very clearly from the company.

At the beginning of gram of grand star Er holds water oneself, with " science and technology is gotten run " develop the strategy as the brand, be in industry head promotes athletic science and technology, in changing an industry " star CCTV advertisement " the mode that make a brand, show itself from inside numerous brand at a draught, the first when make domestic movement science and technology, begin to lead industry trend.

If conquer adversary is a kind of force, him conquer is a kind of wisdom, it is a kind of a kind of spirit, pioneering work. After be being rolled out from GDS damping system, company of gram of grand star Er developed circulatory system of interior of system of damping of ground of GDS ⊕ full control, 360 ° to wait for a series of motion science and technology in succession again. In respect of athletic science and technology, gram of grand star Er has preceded far at adversary, and Hong Xinger overcomes a person to know this kind of dominant position is temporary only, the competition in the Red Sea is a marathon, only the smile arrives final ability is real winner. Should precede at adversary, only way surmounts him namely, do not satisfy at current success, ceaseless innovation, ceaseless progress, with him match, with oneself stronger.

Annals should put Gao Yuan, hong Xinger overcomes the small achievement that never is satisfied now, use future of whole world of long-term look scan widely, have sth in mind however, developing home market while, develop an international market actively, hand in hand international net couplet, assistance delegacy of 2008 Korea Olympic Games, gram of grand star Er was on international large stage, with international old brand is the same as an athletics. Gram of grand star Er was on new journey again from now on, and this our target is: The sheep takes the lead in transcending an industry, become the NO.1 of be worthy of. Such courage and boldness, with ordinary language beyond expression, only such term just is apt -- " TO BE NO.1, march toward the first " . What it advocates is the individual character of a kind of tough adamancy, spirit that go all out in work, dare be the world first, contend for the courage that does the first, what body reveals is the pursuit that does not cease and vigorous fight. This is the expression of determination and courage, with the come down in one continuous line of spirit of enterprise that Hong Xinger overcomes, it is tough, go all out in work of spirit surmount with outspread.
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