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A Di is rolled out " gymnastical storm -- play sport " new campaign concept

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On March 29, 2008, adidasi starts activities of 2008 market of woman spring summer formally, roll out " gymnastical storm - play sport " new campaign concept. With brand-new perspective " play " will explain this year " gem gal, fitness, dancing, oxygen strikes " 4 advocate the athletic way that pushs series. This, adidasi " play sport " horizontal sky of the concept is born, aim to advocate canvasser to throw the restriction of time, the confine of the place and fixed target, experience 0 manacle, 0 pressure, without victory or defeat, do not have adversary only my state, the means that uses oneself " play sport " .

"Play sport " the concept overturned completely before the traditional impression that the masses compares gravity one kind to motion, adidasi passes its original motion understanding and perspective to be athletic fitness infuse brand-new meaning. For better elaborate this one concept, the quadruplet that Adidasi brings for Asian female only is full of the setting-up exercise of fun. This quadruplet holds the professional fitness coach that is famous in great reputation by international to hold a knife to combine a variety of motion elements to achieve personally make up, include A Di to amount to setting-up exercise of Si Yu gal, Adidasi Body Jam setting-up exercise, dancing setting-up exercise, Adidasi has Adidasi oxygen strikes hold. Movement of this quadruplet setting-up exercise is concise and fluent and rich rhythm is metrical, make Yu Wei of canvasser place oneself experiences infinite fun in my state.

On March 29, activity of fitness of 1000 people Olympic Games is in Adidasi Shanghai is held, on Shanghai of assemble of many world-renowned fitness Great Master, the person that lead numerous China the experience develops the wonderful force that employs have a change of luck to use extraordinary experience. Those who come from Spain ever was in Barcelona " get dance 600 thousand person " Jessica of famous fitness star brought herself to make up achieved Adidasi dancing setting-up exercise. In addition, those who come from England is famous gem gal and Puladi's coach Tina, china International the expert adviser Lin Min of congress of gem gal fitness, ever the Mandy of group of nation of gymnastics of woman of United States of selected Atlanta Olympic Games, hold the position of Christina Aguilera and N for a long time ' the person such as Christopher also brought the teacher of dance of for use of an emperor that Sync world make one's rounds performs to make up achieved Adidasi wholeheartedly severally in succession setting-up exercise. Make an experience, get sth done without any letup, gymnastical Great Masters' free and easy individual character and 4 ejaculation fervor, and the whole body sends out the infinite energy that give affected each attendant person, everybody happens to coincide those who add this pleasure also is motion also be " play " in the team.

Adidasi all the time since, devote oneself to people joins the appeal actively to come in gymnastical cavalcade. This, 08 woman spring summer roll out Adidasi first " play sport " concept, before advocating a female to change, be opposite traditional idea of motion, will happy, relaxed, recreation and athletic appearance are united in wedlock, systemic a person's mind is thrown " play sport " in come. Adidasi passes a series of A this markets of 08 woman spring summer popularize Didasi the activity is OK and great the increases people to devote into body building enthusiasm of degree.
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