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SamSung hand in hand Adidasi is rolled out muti_function gymnastical mobile phon

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SamSung, Adidasi will challenge an apple together - be able to bear or endure gram combination, provide a system that can broadcast music to also can record gymnastical data already.

The MiCoach music mobile phone of SamSung was accomplished " renown accord with actually " , the user can be encouraged when user ran, can give out when the user drops out " cheer " sound, provide the information such as the heartbeat to the user.

The Web fitness daily record that whole system includes intentional rate to monitor the appearance, sensor that is linked together with running shoes, help to the user is designed and record fitness to plan.

Through rolling out MiCoach, samSung and Adidasi inbreaked apple and be able to bear or endure of the gram feudal. Apple and be able to bear or endure the gram will begin to sell product of Nike IPod fitness in the United States July last year, this product also is aimed at the user that has active way of life. Nike IPod system still can record vivid momentum, impart the information such as the user ran distance, calorie that use up with indication screen through earphone.

The product that the main difference between 2 kinds of systems is SamSung still can use as mobile phone, the user can stop a key-press is received hear a telephone call, and malic product is a music is broadcasted only machine. But, miCoach has the memory capacity of 1GB only, far the 4GB that is less than IPodNano or 8GB.

The price of two kinds of systems is not same also. SamSung / systematic price is Adidasi 612 dollars, apple / be able to bear or endure the price that restrains a system has 328 dollars only.

The different place with prominent another is, samSung / the system won't resemble Adidasi apple / be able to bear or endure gram system in that way the user " bind " go up to the shoe of specific brand. SamSung / systematic sensor installs Adidasi to go up in bootlace, apple / be able to bear or endure the sensor installation that overcomes a system is in shoe.

Say on behalf of SophiaKim according to SamSung, miCoach will appear on the market in Germany above all sale, sell at city of before last of European other market is in by March next. SamSung, Adidasi will sell the system of 2 different configuration through shopkeeper of respective brand shop, mobile phone, include MiCoach mobile phone and the configure basically price that the arm carries to be 200 euro about, the price of the luxurious configuration that still includes shoe sensor, heartbeat to monitor appearance to wait for package inside is 400 euro about.

Kim expresses, samSung, Adidasi has not announced the price of MiCoach system formally, also did not decide the time that rolls out MiCoach in North America and Europe.

MiCoach mobile phone is thick about 14.5 millimeter, configuration has 2 inches of liquid crystal displays, have pink, red, deep ash, gem 7 kinds of color such as blue, silver. MiCoach still configures those who 2 million resemble element to photograph like the head.
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