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Card history introduces Diaopin

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Enlighten abstruse name " Dior " be in French " sacred " and " gold " combination. With enlighten the CD) of abbreviation of brand Christian Dior(that the name of abstruse gentleman names, from 1947 virgin since, it is luxuriant all the time with decorous pronoun. It is no matter fashionable dress, cosmetic or it is other product, CD is in fashionable hall is grand all the time crouch is topmost.

Enlighten abstruse it is luxuriant all the time the pronoun of female outfit. The skirt of late ceremony of Lai blocking a horse that big V gets, mutiple level hold the Pi Cao that can match freely concurrently to wait, all out designs a Great Master at the talent enlighten abstruse hand, its are elegant narrow long skirt, walking of the person that can make be being worn freelies, reflected quiet and tastefully laid out with economic perfect union. Diaopin of the card revolutionary if silks and satins, traditional woollen overcoating, essence spins abb, taffeta, luxuriant embroidery to wait,the intelligibility; that returns body to devote oneself to vogue now chooses high-grade excellent fabrics. And charge for the making of sth. more with careful be good at. Come a few years, diaopin the card is being created for people ceaselessly " new opportunity, new love story " . Rebuild in afterwar Paris in process of center of world fashionable dress, enlighten abstruse made graven contribution.

Enlighten abstruse gentleman brief introduction:

In January 1905, be born in French Normandy

1920 - 1925, assiduously study politics

1928 - 1931, picture business

1931 - 1937, free stylist

1937 - 1939, piguet(skin is built) stylist of clothing store assistant

1941 - 1947, lelong(Le Long) clothing store stylist

1946, open oneself store

1935, independent inchoate, dior experienced a paragraph of very dark days. Working opportunity is searched in the small advertisement that he must get on from newspaper everyday, he does not have fixed address, from time to time and friend live together, street of bivouac of from time to time, be hungry feed, full meal, got tuberculosis finally. Nevertheless, dior did not break down from beginning to end below.

Be less than the job because of searching when Dior one day and be immersed in deep and frustrated when, a friend of fashionable dress bound suggests he draws blueprint of a few fashionable dress, unexpectedly however ovation. Each design shows his unique ability adequately, he captures the trends in the life closely, each design is like here lifelike.

1937, he is become eventually " Pignet " the fashionable dress stylist of the company. Be in right now, the Second World War erupts, dior is forced to leave Paris and family to reunite. When he returns Paris afresh, he that " Pignet " the position of stylist of company fashionable dress already was replaced by other, he is forced to become an assistant. The Dior at that time already passed 40, and the friend all round him all the career has, should be turn for Dior to work energetically.
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