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CEO calls Adidasi Olympic Games sale let our win instead of lose

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80 years ago, when A Di Dasile conceives the sneaker that puts manual tailor to hurry off to Amsterdam Olympic Games, when be being promoted to athletes, he does not know he was initiated probably " Olympic Games sale " beginning.

But this mill of 28 years old advocate successful still. If sneaker becomes people to talk about together with Olympic Games athlete, Adidasi is inscribed, the sporting world personage of the whole world approved this brand, sneaker gives Adidasi to go up in the athlete's foot now again and again.

Broader and broader market makes this family mill grows for supplier of world the biggest sporting goods, till 1972 the United States is able to bear or endure gram company holds water, capture gradually kingship.

Now, adidasi should recapture kingship, new allow palm door person, Chairman Adidasi group holds presiding apparitor concurrently Mr Hebaite Haina (the gangplank that Herbert Hainer) finds is Beijing Olympic Games -- through all-around sponsor this unprecedented sports grand meeting, xiang Sudi is initiated counterattack violently.

On August 17, the sea accept gentleman that accepts our newspaper special report says, go up in Chinese market at least, he has carried off afresh the position of industry leader.

The Olympic Games of unprecedented sponsors the head

Reporter: Adidasi and the origin that the Olympic Games sponsors often are talked about by people. I want to ask you to introduce, how does Adidasi think of to increase brand force through sponsorring the Olympic Games at the outset?

Sea accept: Father A Di of Adidasi? Da Sile is a baker originally, but he special have deep love for sports, and be fond of innovation. This makes he discovered the business chance of sporting goods industry. He invented the first pair of training to use sneaker 1920. Also be to be in that year, he built a small familial shoemaking mill.

1928, a Di takes the sample shoe of own company to come to the Amsterdam after the message that is informed Holand Amsterdam Olympic Games. His think of a way is very simple: Should have only enough much athlete wears his shoe on the Olympic Games, depend on " Adidasi " the character of the shoe, with respect to the product that can make the person of the whole world affirms him. The go about selling an idea that passes a month is revealed, running shoes becomes Adidasi eventually the match of this Olympic Games uses a shoe.

Await in those days, his family has shoemaking factory along with of Dalesi only 12 workers, do not have even sewing machine of a leather even, all shoes rely on manual tailor, can make 50 pairs of shoes only everyday. We are had all over the world now 34, many 000 employee, the turnover last year amounts to 10.3 billion euro.

Reporter: So specific to this Beijing Olympic Games, with before what does assistance activity of Adidasi have to differ?

Sea accept: It is Adidasi this to the assistance of Beijing Olympic Games an assistance activity with the greatest throughout history. Besides investment of all-time financial capacity material resources, what sponsor mobile time this to be as long as 4 years is long, conclude to had not been interrupted all the time now from Athenian Olympic Games, during this we made much investment, organized the activity of rich and colorful, this is unprecedented.
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