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Be able to bear or endure gram, Adidasi is used " Chinese element " will help st

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Face the attack of own brand, international brand is able to bear or endure the gram chose another kind of means to pull close the distance with the audience. On Chinese sports exposition, be able to bear or endure the gram held a counterpoint uniquely game of group of 22 China nation uses the dress show that take, hold the position of model by 22 professional athletes. This originality, made up for greatly be able to bear or endure the blemish that the star that overcomes assistance cannot come on the stage, perform every time begin, be able to bear or endure of the gram before exhibiting a stage, always be person wave is moved. To move Chinese consumer, be able to bear or endure the gram still will be joined exhibit a theme to be surely " rise, ongoing " , between the lines lets a person associate to the mental connotation of Chinese national anthem.

Athletics culture is not international big wrist people the only act of please China consumer. This year January, be able to bear or endure the athletic fashionable dress that Adidasi holds in Beijing exhibits the old rival of the gram on, used the actor that wears Beijing opera dress to serve as setting. Model people the uniform that revealed Adidasi to be Olympic Games staff member and volunteer design, include to contain the T-shirt unlined upper garment of case of auspicious cloud atlas among them. Adidasi Kelin Tuomo says · of mark of chief inspector of Shanghai originality center, the traditional consciousness that used the element such as auspicious cloud, dragon, covering of the fan and bright-coloured colour to arouse people in kit and sneaker, make Chinese youth can make public their characteristic.

Before this, adidasi already a person of extraordinary powers casts 80 million dollar sponsors Beijing Olympic Games. Accordingly, the identity of sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games and position become Adidasi's biggest transmission to appeal to undoubtedly beg. To emphasize the origin of oneself and Beijing Olympic Games, adidasi mixes all sorts of designs of the product 2008 Beijing Olympic Games advocate photograph of person entity design is united in wedlock, these Chinese elements strengthened the affinity of whole brand greatly.

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