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Big fight of brand of the motion outside Olympic Games competition ground to one

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On opening ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, li Ning around bird's nest in the sky ran 3 minutes bell, ignited fire of Olympic Games emperor of 4 billion audience at the moment in the whole world finally. All without exception of business circles personage of acumen admits, "Li Ning " what the brand has become Beijing Olympic Games is the biggest win the home.

Nevertheless, adidasi is the partner of Beijing Olympic Games, paid price is 1.3 billion yuan. But recent findings report shows, the Chinese consumer of 45% by accident will " Li Ning " consider as an Olympic Games the sponsor. "A lot of consumer do not know who sponsorred an Olympic Games, just feel who sponsorred an Olympic Games " -- , say in senior sale organizer and Xie Mao of brand administration expert.

Same, be able to bear or endure the enterprise such as coke of gram, 100 things, Kendeji, Meng Niu is not sponsor of Olympic Games government, also make ad shake day is noisy during the Olympic Games, however, all the businessman that throws expenditure of a huge sum for Olympic Games sale, can you get acquisition succeeding?

The Olympic Games that athletic brand rich weichis

Beijing Olympic Games undertakes getting like a raging fire, although Chinese delegacy gets award to take,be Adidasi, but match of athlete of very much China is taken still is " Li Ning " ; and the grand of dress sponsor; that Hong Xinger gram of card of home made product made Korea group becomes cubic metre of water of national natant center to assign a vendor dene... become you to see so, do not want wondering, because this is Beijing Olympic Games,get on " the trade war that does not have smoke of gunpowder " .

Adidasi: Chinese delegacy gets award to take

Before the Olympic Games, bai Wenkang of president of big China division is accepting Adidasi when interviewing, express of the reporter: "We are in brand shop will achieve 5000 2008, enclothe home to come from a gleam of the market of 6 lines, adidasi will become Chinese market to rank first motion brand before the Olympic Games kicks off. Adidasi will become Chinese market to rank first motion brand before the Olympic Games kicks off..

For this, have the aid of regards government of Beijing Olympic Games as the partner's identity, adidasi from kick off to the Olympic Games before the Olympic Games made a series of brand strategy activity, and emphasized its be in Beijing of the Olympic Games only sexual: Right of acquisition concessionary management product, the relevant label; that can use Beijing Olympic Games on the product will be Beijing 2008 the Olympic Games, incomplete abstruse meeting is all officer of staff member, technology and volunteer offer sportswear equipment; to still will be delegacy of sports of Chinese Olympic Games to offer all sports dress that includes to get award to be taken inside.

Be able to bear or endure gram: With " star strategy " join competition

As old rival of Adidasi, be able to bear or endure the gram appears to differ with Adidasi and Li Ning in the way of Beijing Olympic Games, be able to bear or endure the gram supported male goal of Fei Dele of tennis giant star, United States " dream 8 " , even German quint. To Chinese delegacy, be able to bear or endure the gram is team of basketball of Liu Xiang, Zheng Jie, Yan Zi, Li Na, China to wait offer the match to take (shoe) .
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