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Ao Kang is about to borrow force Olympic Games to march to the whole world

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Wang Zhentao's target is very specific: The Ao Kang 2008 will be accomplished in those days the success of Nike. And industry public figure thinks, if Beijing Olympic Games can accomplish,gorget region is served in dress in those days NIKE, ao Kang really very hopeful. The Olympic Games after be being defined very hard it seems that to Ao Kang, the Olympic Games is a kind of persistent strategy. 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, ao Kang sent tens of thousands of pairs of shoe;2004 to the Olympic Games Organizing Committee year Athenian Olympic Games, ao Kang with " boost the morale of of Olympic Games of Athens of Ao Kangquan star is round " name, champion of the Olympic Games before aiding financially 8 goes to Greek Athens in all, more with conspicuous " China is red " appear in race site.

2008, when the Olympic Games takes excellent entrance, ao Kang begins to enter Olympic Games sale " core layer " . The huge risk that faces assistance Olympic Games (commitment fee and succeed promotion) , while Ao Kang is deciding to sponsor Beijing Olympic Games, made the strategic target of two different levels. It is to borrow an Olympic Games to realize brand promotion to make the first brand, pull open the difference; with the competitor 2 it is to borrow an Olympic Games to start the market brand mainland such as the United States, India to turn promotion.

When the end that sells Olympic Games camp when Ao Kang points to the overseas market such as the United States, India from China, times of the Olympic Games after the time of sale of apparent Olympic Games also was pointed to from 2008. Hind Olympic Games times, to Ao Kang, need the sale eye of sex of the look up before be being provided more. Had sat after all Olympic Games this train, be about to send disinter as far as possible among them gold mine. "Assistance Olympic Games, just do not borrow Olympic Games promotion to shape brand image, however 4 conformity promote sale of innovation of value of core of culture of company of implementation of assistance of Olympic Games of have the aid of, brand, technology, brand, then realizes the integral actual strength of the enterprise to upgrade, this is Ao Kang's long-term level position. " the program that Wang Zhentao has sober understanding and distant view. After Beijing Olympic Games ends, ao Kang and the way that sports ties still will continue to carry out, "Ao Kang's window is to be after the Olympic Games more, continue to help an athlete fulfil his earnest wish, return the individual experience them, can touching story to undertake spreading conduct propaganda in the whole nation so not only. To us of the Olympic Games ring down the curtain, not be an end it is a new beginning more. " Wang Zhentao says so.

Olympic Games sale is in again be born, no matter be an enterprise,sponsor an Olympic Games actually, still carry out " sale of blame Olympic Games " undertake many conduct propaganda and brand are popularized, ultimate goal helps the growth that uses terminal sale namely, otherwise all jobs and effort will make useless work. Accordingly, channel changes and terminal aggrandizement is imperative. No matter be " 1 N " the heavy pound that the shoe tastes a supermarket is rolled out, still be the store on the net is formal on no matter line; is western of shoe city develop continuously, still be the brand shop in new moral character is high-key appear, ao Kang wants what firmly holds is: The bomb in sky cannot break away from ground armed forces absolutely cooperate, should brand beauty praise spend translate into real sale, times of the Olympic Games after wanting to be in finishs global market position. "We pay close attention to not just 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we had been in contact 2012 organizing committee of London Olympic Games, europe is shoe estate big market. " Wang Zhentao still discloses, ao Kangzheng is mixed in plan European Union Japanese market.
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