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The sporting goods sells Olympic Games sprint

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Distance Beijing Olympic Games will kick off on August 8 a remnant time of a month. Enter the last month to time, besides the organizer of the Olympic Games, participator, still have a lot of businessmen that are playing Olympic Games card in succession. The time of the last month that go, it is businessmen those who grab the sale that attack a month is important " time window " , already the sporting goods is undertaking last months selling sprint, also have articles for use of baby of home appliance, pregnant these commodity that touched Olympic Games light more or less, same sell like hot cakes. Olympic Games this cake, everybody thinks on one to grabbing cent. Time a month, on the Olympic Games breath in bazaar and playground same thicker and thicker.

The sporting goods sells sprint

Turn in the bazaar such as building of Hangzhou general merchandise, Yin Tai circuit, everywhere of Olympic Games element is visible. Besides the Olympic Games outside concessionary commodity shop, brand of a lot of dress, watch the commodity that concerns with the Olympic Games sells. Brand of a few watch also rolled out an Olympic Games to commemorate edition watch, because practical have again collect value, although the price does not poor, get on 10 thousand yuan at every turn, but sales volume is good.

According to some bazaar Olympic Games the salesperson of concessionary shop says, look from experience of all previous Olympic Games, 70% to the Olympic Games of 80% concessionary commodity is sold, before be being mixed in those days one year is held to finish in the Olympic Games.

Dress, shoe kind these practical commodity also are in sell like hot cakes. As the sponsor of the Olympic Games, athletic brand A Didasike produces an Olympic Games with ground of be perfectly justifiable relevant product. In A Di Dasiao carries in retailing shop of can concessionary commodity, imprint the sportswear that the Olympic Games indicates, sneaker waits to suffer consumer to love quite. The dress of fabrics of a Techfit of some famous motion brand, also be special before the Olympic Games promotion, this is a kind of constrictive dress, can tighten every curve of close-fitting body. The function about it is very interesting, allegedly can " increase athletic energy, supportive motion flesh group, improve athletic stance " .

Another famous sporting goods rolled out a few " shoe of money of Olympic Games concept " , the design that waits for cubic metre of bird's nest, water puts in shoe apparently, sell but disadvantageous appropriate, in 600 yuan of above.

Before the Olympic Games comes the last month, sell like hot cakes of each Olympic Games commodity of old brand accompanies the discount of different strength, some is low to 6 fold, 7 fold, arrive from the dress shoe, all kinds or types of goods can enter an activity.

Gules home appliance blesses an Olympic Games

Kick off as Beijing Olympic Games day of drawing near August 8, "Hold in both hands red " marriage celebrate the market, also agitate heated up home appliance consumption. Recently, the author visits Hangzhou home appliance to sell a discovery, traditional " China is red " and " rosy " begin to appear increasingly on the category of traditional home appliance such as freezer, washing machine, color television. The reporter is in Hangzhou a few sell greatly see, these gules home appliance are put in the position with conspicuous bazaar by the businessman, because of bright-coloured color, really conspicuous.
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