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Shoe of fontal city foreign trade takes an enterprise to be hit hard " euro card

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This month 3 days, euro is right RMB exchange rate this year first degrees of fall " 10 yuan " close greatly, entered " 9 timeses " . Subsequently, below the influence of American banking crisis, euro is right RMB exchange rate ignore tall ignore low. Yesterday, trade according to Chinese foreign currency the news that the center announces shows, euro is right RMB exchange rate once more fall " 10 yuan " , sign up for 9.9953 yuan.

Original, the RMB is right of euro appreciate posture is not remarkable, first half of the year the RMB still devalued even to euro 8%% , this and RMB are right of the dollar appreciate formed sharp contrast. This also lets the setting that fontal city exit enterprise appreciates to the dollar in the RMB fall, change partial export market to Europe from the United States, the amount of euro settle accounts in foreign trade also rises stage by stage. But unexpected is, the RMB is right among euro exchange rate abrupt whole presents value since 3 quarters this year appreciate trend. Since July, the RMB was accelerated to euro appreciate pace, up to its will appreciate to already exceeded 6%% August. This falls child, the exchange rate of euro also was not stabilized, convert the foreign trade enterprise of euro settle accounts should headache again.

Of RMB add euro appreciate to be exported to commerce considerably for, negative effect nots allow to ignore. For this, our newspaper reporter visited the company related fontal city with respect to its influence recently. Textile: It is a blow to operator

In recent years, company of fontal city clothing, if man of 7 wolves, benefit is mixed,the brand such as interest bully breeds straight battalion mode quickly in succession, upgrade ceaselessly sale network; and fontal city beyond another element the dress force of trade be good at, promote He Dasen like Malaite, red luck unwilling also give the impression of weakness, bit of position is established quickly in abroad, besides extend agent, agency and join in besides inn, still registered trademark in Western Europe, development place market.

Fujian Ma Lai is special knitting makes the clothing Li Tian of limited company vise general manager supports the introduction, market of Europe of business of company foreign trade took the exit amount that 90%% controls. "The RMB has appreciated to the dollar fast, cause factory quoted price to rise, have certain effect to us. " before half an year, he begins to change train of thought, because euro is in all the time to the RMB,appreciate and relatively stable, convert euro quote.

Li Tian is helped up think, euro devalues to the RMB, it is a blow to foreign trade operator. "Will for a long time look, euro will be relatively stable. " he says, "Garment industry answers the change of foreign trade environment, the most important is to should increase brand value, promote a product additional cost. Promote a product additional cost..

Advance Jiang Dasen makes the clothing limited company is given priority to with producing athletic sportswear, childen's garments, export and other places of North America, middle east, Europe. Ding Ronghua of chairman of chamber of commerce of this company president, old Dai thinks, the dollar depreciates to be affected to old Dai exit enterprise very big. "Two this years we basically beg stable development, although gain is meager, but want to be able to insist come down to be able to have an opportunity only. " he says, dress of Chen Daida part exports an enterprise to still basically use dollar close an account, accordingly, of euro devalue the impact is not big, but most enterprise or trends of special attention foreign currency.
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