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The Kappa of fashionable motion sex appeal

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The century on Kappa brand traceable the Italy of 70 time, the beauty of its advocate human nature designs a concept with what individual character flies upwards, with deep at that time snake door culture changes happen to have the same view, at the beginning of founding accordingly, get of people love. At the beginning of 80 time, kappa began large-scale to support an activity, sponsorred the team of 220 or so sports of 27 countries and individual early or late. Involved sports item includes 16 sort such as volleyball of football, ski, cricket, beach, hockey. In addition, kappa is right also column of numerous and famous popular singer, rock-and-roll team, TV have commitment, appear on media to make ceaselessly of Kappa famous spend rapid promotion.

The explicit show that has affinity and advocate a magic weapon that the consequence of youth culture is Kappa brand triumph. Kappa adopts exact market fixed position, the product of poor dissimilation innovates, and the sale that fits Chinese market is politic, a few years short obtained rapid development, proposes athletic style concept makes Kappa brand is with vogue, motion, sex appeal and savoured brand individual character in numerous motion brand keep special what grab the seat of the eye and won customer is close look at, and made a kind of popular trend stage by stage. Be in as a result of Kappa brand at the same time famous the huge success that spend and gains on sale, also will make tendercy sports makes trade of things of prospective home fashionable athletic sports get military content and vane.

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