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The rise of Kappa

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Domestic kit acts the role of the market, still be Nike and Adidas occupy the largest leadership dominant position, native land brand is like Lining and Anta to wait, although sale growth is rapid, but before wanting to be challenged on mainstream market and brand two big tycoons, still very long way wants. Do not pass nearly two years, the 23 lines brand of a few abroad (or some country brand of a gleam of, but in China not famous) do in China since rumour water, they have very powerful design mostly / fashionable feeling, the price is higher (strong) of excessive price ability, and grow in market of line of just a little very fast, among them the most dazzling should belong to Kappa this Italy brand.

Of course, obtain the trademark such as Kappa will contrast with Nikeadidas probably not appropriate, the market because of them / fixed position has very big difference, category is OK still fractionize, assume nevertheless reduce sprotswear brand.

I remember, still be only in Beijing 3 years ago by the side of a certain crossroads see Kappa an alone outdoors billboard, the dress does not have what advantage besides flowery dot. Do not cross advance rapidly of the last few years, home is almost all monopolistic area has big general merchandise market and athletic brand its door inn, the position is mostly clingy Nike and Adidas. I know all friends almost a few Kappa(include hand I and madam also were bought many, and we are the) that do not buy Nike and Adidas almost, go on the ave, in the airport... see oil to a few counties and market of villages and towns even, can encounter the person that wears Kappa (without method, its LOGO is too too big really, conspicuous, and the design that cycle racing feels looks to know is Kappa) , get on for the degree of excessive street.

The sense that Kappa gives a person is youthful really, have energy, and still have so additional kind, although everybody bumps into unlined upper garment to also won't feel awkward to regard as instead congener -- among this the design of the brand / fixed position and consumer state of mind, we can study deep further.

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