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Of Yao Ming turn over ALTER-G of gravitational ran machine

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ALTER-G opposes gravitational ran machine

The condition of an injury of small giant is the focus that compatriots cares not only, the boss of rocket team and fan people also do not drive barratrous.

This just does not undertake resumptive training hind in the swimming-pool, the American that likes innovation prepared to oppose gravitational ran machine for small giant again.

Everybody knows ran machine, but what makes oppose gravitational ran machine?

Pull slide fastener, preparation begins aerospace run

Today 51FIT.CC, after contacting the reporter that stays in the United States, bring the ran machine about technology of bureau of space navigation of spaceflight of United States of this so-called use NASA for everybody up to date information.

So called " new technology " actually very simple, give common run namely added outside machine plastic set, take out the air inside next, form artifical to approach vacuum state. Well-known, vacuum environment can produce counterattraction effect, through adjusting plastic cover the air inside, coach of rocket physical ability wears husband · Ma Ha to be able to control pressure of the susceptive on Yao Ming leg.

A such price that opposes gravitational ran machine from 55, 000 U.S. dollors have price, a the most expensive need 75, 000 U.S. dollors, about the same the price of a HUMMER.

Used the ran machine of NASA science and technology, the double foot that can allow you bears lighter weight, from weight 20% arrive 100% between can, pass the atmospheric pressure of the machine, adjust at will with the accurate unit of 1% .

The length of the ran limits of ran machine mixes is respectively: 158CM- - 56CM

In addition of ran machine run take direction to be able to be adjusted back and forth, forth speed can be in 0-18 mile / adjust between the hour, the oldest rate, conversion comes over to be able to achieve 29 kilometers almost / hour, and the locomotive rate that returns way can be in 0-10 mile / the hour is adjusted.

The adjustment of ran machine gradient limits is 0-15%

Besides the rocket team of NBA, a lot of NBA team and other profession club also used such new facility, use train in the light of the athlete that is in convalescence.

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