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"2008 volunteers " dress partner, be equal to gram

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2008, a special time, the pace that homebred sports brand develops ahead also is being accelerated, on June 4 afternoon, the pioneer of internationalization of Chinese motion brand is represented, be equal to gram, with Beijing teaching and administrative staff appoint, office of job of Beijing college Olympic Games is held ceremoniously in Beijing traffic university " riant Beijing " autograph of partner of move of 2008 volunteers civilization arranges a ceremony, this action is a gram afterwards to sponsorred Iraq, Cyprus 2007 after two states Olympic committee, in the another major move on Olympic Games sale.

On the meeting, be equal to gram company showed the wonderful dress that offers for Beijing college volunteer and equipment, follow-up of volunteer civilization action still includes ceremony of grand go out for a battle, reach relevant groom, with promoting a volunteer integrated quality promotes further, had made corresponding service during Beijing Olympic Games with all one's strength, the success that is Beijing Olympic Games is held add luster. On the meeting, be equal to the gram announces to return will with Beijing teaching and administrative staff appoint, Beijing teachs appoint province of Sichuan of can collective combination teachs hall, begin jointly " rainbow 1 1, we grow jointly " love helps an activity, for disaster area broad student sends a gram equipment, express an one portion love that the gram rebuilds to disaster area. The spot, in project of volunteer civilization action " civilized town, free lives all right " capital undergraduate is volunteer explain to public practice activity is started formally also.

"Regard industry of 2008 volunteers garment as sole partner, we serve good volunteer attentively certainly, let a volunteer come from the friends of all directions of the four seas with favorable mental view is recieved and serving! The hope passes the effort of a gram, let world people experience the self-confidence of the Chinese nation and smile, add luster for Beijing Olympic Games. Be equal to the gram also will be chance with Olympic Games grand meeting, quicken market promotion, stimulative company grows. " be equal to Xu Zhihua of gram company general manager tells a reporter, assistance volunteer and rebuild alive to helping the people's livelihood of disaster area person, be equal to the gram makes in one's power due contribution, this also is the social responsibility that each nation company should use up.

"Be equal to gram this action will conduce to model volunteer self-confidence, enthusiasm, kiss and, the sunshine figure that respects property, encourage volunteers to touch the world with the most genuine smile, transmit the concept of humanitarian Olympic Games better. " leader attending the meeting evaluates a gram autograph to make an appointment with so " riant Beijing " the meaning that 2008 volunteers civilization acts. Be equal to since the gram starts internationalization 5 years oneself, obtain new bumper harvest ceaselessly on the journey of internationalization, 7 the year's harvest are partner of NBA government market, be equal to Xu Zhihua shows gram company general manager, be equal to gram future will develop to synthesis Yo brand, "Riant Beijing " 2008 volunteers civilization acts, give priority to a problem with green passion, genuine service, reflect compatriots adequately to serve the self-confident and society, hopeful, enterprising spirit that surmounts ceaselessly, this and be equal to the brand concept that the gram proposes " I CAN PLAY " happen to have the same view. Be equal to the activity that all circles of gram hope society pays close attention to can morely and supports a volunteer, promote the city of Beijing civilized rate, for the brilliant contribution force of Olympic Games grand meeting, collective " riant Beijing " 2008.
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