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Inferior the ceremony gets: Conquer the world conquers again first compatriots

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Nowadays is the times of a brand, no matter be why domain, manufacturer people the brand that makes oneself in exert oneself, change character, the brand has become what the manufacturer lives and develop advocate driving force. To the brand accumulate and promote, each manufacturer also is benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom: According to the simplest differentiate, have inspect technical character to be essential " the technology flows " , also have what give priority to with sale activity " the market flows " . The domain that although be in,differs, both has accident each, but as a large number of " fastfood brand " appear, "The market flows " it seems that already predominate, but also have a few firms still holding to " the technology flows " , with character drive brand, high-key recently " answer division " of home market inferior the ceremony must be among them delegate.

Character of 15 years goes after: Hang on " the earth is made " great reputation, "Inferior the ceremony is gotten " the brand takes a field in sneaker, all along with technical genre be good at, be regarded as the forerunner on the technology by domestic a lot of famous brand. Be based on " start hundred years business, make international brand " strategic conception, inferior at the beginning of the ceremony gets a brand to found it is a standard with the competitive mechanism of internationalization. Chen Yongpei of author of the earth company, general manager also has his view to contemporary sale transmission: The quality transmission of the product is the most effective transmission. The earth enterprise is accordingly excelsior on quality, an idea does it may be said quality, this is done is 15 years, do poineering work in the earth first, chen Yongpei held the meeting 84 times continuously, engraft to faculty ceaselessly administrative consciousness, quality awareness.

On administrative system, the earth sets clearly complete a comprehensive and excellent management, those who emphasize faculty is close cooperate and group spirit, the form member that help sb to fulfill his wishes is participated in quality management and " assure quality, everybody has duty " atmosphere, customer satisfaction always wear the whole process that manufactures management activity at the enterprise. The quality monitoring that does exceedingly to produce whole process seriously works, before each working procedure in; is being evaluated to produce a course before including a product to develop design, trial-produce, go into operation undertakes; product leaves factory detecting strictly examining guarding a pass examine finally, discover the unusual appearance that appears in production in time, seek probe into source, the way that puts forward in time to solve and be on guard measure, dog fulfil, in order to assure the high quality of the product. The aspect is built in the system, inferior the ceremony must be built perfect a series of abidance effective quality management system, passed ISO9002, ISO9001 early or late, attestation of 2000 quality system and quality management system, day of product quality system attain internationalization, systematization, standardization. The abidance that moves to ensure ISO9000 quality runs a system is improved and move effectively, the earth company complete member participate in satisfaction of comprehensive and excellent management, customer the first, the quality guiding principle that 100% percent of pass regard the product that offers for the client as the enterprise. Supervise according to national quality examine sectional all previous detects, inferior the ceremony gets rate of product certificate of proof to already was amounted to for years continuously 100% , never had appeared to weigh great quality liability accident, branch of quarantine be examininged is maintained for A kind business management, become the Fujian Province first manufacture the enterprise that avoid check.
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