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Happy event of sea of double star bark is obtained " Chinese enterprise reforms

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By Chinese cartel the unit such as association of entrepreneur of meeting, China sponsors jointly " day of activity of entrepreneur of 2008 whole nations " held in Nanchang recently. Congress issued reforming and opening 30 years to the entrepreneur that makes outstanding contribution for Chinese enterprise reform " Chinese enterprise reforms souvenir badge " . Wang Hai of president of double star group is obtained " Chinese enterprise reforms souvenir badge " .

This year is Chinese reforming and opening 30 years, in the course that 30 years enterprise reform develops, produced contemporary Chinese entrepreneur, double star of in control of of sea of bark of president of double star group 35 years, witnessed the whole process of Chinese reforming and opening, below the circumstance that in the whole nation enterprise of many 3000 state-owned shoemaking closes down in succession, double star passes mechanism of ceaseless reform system, break traditional thinking pattern ceaselessly, through fastfood eat greatly, quickly slow, state-owned eat state-owned, came true " one Hua Duxiu " , found him Chinese ethical brand, walked out of a state-owned company to reform the successful grade that enters the market, wang Hai's president 30 years " dare be the world first " , for our country state-owned company reformed summary to abstract valuable experience.

In day of this entrepreneur activity " entrepreneur forum " in, entrepreneur of 6 when the practice that scholar of nearly 1000 entrepreneur, expert develops 30 years with Chinese enterprise reform contacts together cheek by jowl generation China people, to Chinese enterprise reform undertook retrospective, think with look into. Ask when compere what entrepreneur did " dare be a person first " when reform, president of double star group barks the sea speaks of: Dry business is not afraid of by " put a label on sb " , in initial stage of reforming and opening, as labor concentrated model state-owned company, from stealing at first sell a shoe, go to the first to hold; of news informal discussion to incorporate from bold and resolute with company name place room cuts staff, arrive a city, on the hill, go to the countryside, strategy major key that takes on the west rectifies; to carrying censure on the head, dare be the world first, it is down-lead with the cap, with " stealing sell shoe-buckle the cap of not attend to one's proper works or duties " ; " held news informal discussion to buckle corrupt cap " ; " the cap that created culture concept to buckle an individual to adore " ; " company of management of the culture that use Buddha buckled the tag that carries superstition " , figure told about the entrepreneur that reforms initial stage, especially the enormous pressure that state-owend enterprise leader faces and obstruction, but final, reform innovation pioneering spirit peculiarly through 30 years of inexorable development and bark sea president, wore flourishing of career of indicative double star, " ethical brand -- double star " redcap. Bark sea president thinks from beginning to end, system of ownership just decides the crucial factor of enterprise destiny, removing those who decide action still is entrepreneur, he is used " think objectively, achieve scientificly, serious ground is done, ground of deal with concrete matters relating to work is dry, happy over- , cheesy work " send word new generation entrepreneur, hope they are in be faced with current when new international competition environment, want to maintain the thinking of development from beginning to end, do not want calorific brains, want to become an a common soldier of the market forever.
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