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Look forward to of shoe of city of lukewarm city spring is initiated together ma

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On May 19, in the waists-coat industrial district with pretty scenery of city of state of Fujian Province spring, by Wen Zhou group of fighting spirit of letter of shoe look forward to is accused, the shoe of fontal city Hua Chuan of share of company of firm of interest of peaceful of fontal city gold, fontal city Hua Cheng takes limited company declare to be born. Many 80 when come from 15 provinces such as Gansu Province, Jilin, Guangxi, Hubei, municipality join in the leader of business and company of group of letter fighting spirit, Hua Chuan adds up to 100 much people attended practice ceremony.

Vice-president gentleman lake says group of letter fighting spirit, wen Zhou and fontal city enjoy Chinese shoe beautiful praise, look forward to of two ground shoe pulls a hand this, it is the perfect engraft of lukewarm city mode and fontal city mode.

The product that held with morrow that day in practice orders goods on the meeting, campaign of many 200 when by Hua Chuan the shoe takes limited company research and development, production card that seek increase is recreational shoe, let countrywide agents widen the horizon greatly. Among them, nearly 100 products make the collective favorite in travelling merchant eye, everybody hand the first stroke of a Chinese character falls the lot issued the order with brushstroke pen considerable amount.

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