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Sikelaxi looks with how to step collaboration to be made continuously old

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Beijing time on August 29, attend " how to step China of rocket Shuang Xiong to go " Francis and Sikela come to rocket star of the activity to Fujian Jin Jiang, how stepping (China) limited company headquarters, francis and Sikela experienced what how step to be made to production from research and development, design each link, personal testimony installs those who step professional basketball shoe to be born process.

After visiting end, francis and Sikela accepted media group visit, spoke of the brigade of the experience that how steps headquarters this.

"This is very good experience really, the process is very amused. " Sikela is accepted when interviewing, say, "I do not know how shoe is done previously, this experience lets me feel special to shock is mixed open-eyed, from research, make, to the design, we had very good experience.

The reporter asks Sikela to talk to step catchword to installing " KEEP MOVING " understanding, sikela leaves had fun, also dazzle the Chinese that removed oneself. "Not be KEEP WALKING, however ' never go no further ' (say) with Chinese. " Sikela says, "This is very good catchword, attendant like us go up like playing a ball game, your otherwise snaps ground shift seat, ability gets more chances. Connect last night our child, very active, the slogan that resembles how stepping is same, ' KEEP MOVING ' , the catchword that how steps is a kind of when we play the game very good definition. The catchword that how steps is a kind of when we play the game very good definition..

Sikela expresses, oneself and the collaboration that how step are very good, the hope can maintain for a long time go down. "This is us the first year of collaboration, we did a lot of businesses for this. " Sikela says, "I am very glad, hope this kind of collaboration can go down continuously. Hope this kind of collaboration can go down continuously..

The feeling that Sikela spoke of him family going to this China. "My family sees an Olympic Games before quarterfinal of Olympic Games male basket, they are very happy, in Beijing, was in Guangzhou yesterday, we come to here again now. " Sikela says, "This is first-rate experience, also be first-rate two weeks, we can remember this paragraph of time in a long time. We can remember this paragraph of time in a long time..

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