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Be equal to Ke Yong is seized 2007 laurel of share of basketball shoe market

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The share of market of shoe of 7 years of basketball that by the acute before orgnaization of world-famous market research, Shanghai a few days ago advisory company announces is ranked in, equipment of basketball of the vanward delegate of internationalization of Chinese motion brand, home leads a brand, be equal to gram, brave seizes name of market share head, reveal a gram to start a plant 20 years, achieve the redound of hard-earned and delectable result in basketball domain spade husbandry.

Be equal to the gram starts a plant 1989, can say the patriarch class company that is athletic industry. At the beginning of building a plant, profit from oneself is able to bear or endure for international brand the technical plant that overcomes form a complete set, in be able to bear or endure after overcoming evacuate, be equal to the research and development that the gram builds him quickly and manufacturing system, in 90 time, be equal to the pronoun that the gram is sneaker. 91 years, be equal to the gram sponsors 81 basketball team, of the same age made home the first pair good-sized basket gym shoes, accompany 81 teams to win championship, be equal to gram reputation is big brace up, mention a gram, be equal to the win universal praise of basket gym shoes of the gram. Person average per capita with can putting on a pair be equal to overcome basketball shoe and proud, make Chinese basketball equip the target that the first brand also becomes a gram person to struggle.

The tide of reforming and opening is ecbolic those have China foresight, aspiring company grows quickly, be equal to the author of the gram makes Mr Jingna, having the clear thinking that start a shop sign, be in 93 years 65 countries register the whole world a gram brand, representing the trigonometry figure of mountain peak and ascend meaning, after accompanying an internationalization that the gram starts 5 years now, more and more by legion people place understanding, place is familiar. 7 years be equal to after the gram becomes partner of NBA government market, represent a gram to achieve a commanding elevation in world basketball domain. Basketball road of 20 years, be equal to the gram is mixed in the research and development of basketball shoe make on, rolled out spokesman Liu Yu Dong in succession " Ares series " , already sold at present to Ares 12 generation, and for Xiao En of star of gang of spokesman NBA rocket - the Badier that Badierdi offers 1 generation, become the first pair to enter NBA competition ground, by enterprise of Chinese motion brand the basketball battle boots of own research and development, get in the market of broad fan chase after hold in both hands.

Shoe of basketball of series of Ba Di Er reachs shoe of Ares series basketball, have the shake of Pkrocket3 class delay with an exclusive gram patent technology, can let an athlete there is effect damping when be born, and achieve when take off aid effectively play. Be based on in basketball shoe research and development and made reputation, be equal to the gram suffers invite regard national major as basket, volleyball, the drafting unit of sports shoes, participate in level of level of state of relevant exercise equipment build. Be equal to the gram still will use level of international European Union at the same time, introduce German wear-resisting to detect equipment, make detect data is more accurate, progressively as advanced as international science and technology conforms.
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