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Group of network of Yi Jianlian basket 59 dollars of market price of 9 polo shir

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Beijing time on July 10 " NBA government website " message, yi Jianlian is ascended " NBA government website " home page, " NBA government website " network shop rolls out edition of net of Yi Jianlian basket formally 9 polo shirt.

Beijing time is late on July 9 net of Xin Zexi basket was held for Yi Jianlian at 10 o'clock join in press conference, yi Jianlian official introduction gives medium. NBA government had a story to the press conference for a short while, open " NBA government website " home page, yi Jianlian holds basket net the picture of 9 battle gown is very striking, the content report of the press conference also is very detailed.

While basket net holds a press conference, the network shop lieutenant general in its government website builds NBA easily 9 polo shirt place edition of couplet basket net formally goods shelves, adult money advocate price of field polo shirt 59.99 dollars, yi Jianlian's Mierwoji 9 date polo shirt also can be in hart edition " NBA government website " buy in network shop, not merely polo shirt of field of adult fund settle or live in a strange place has carry out, price 44.99 dollars.

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