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Price of garment of tennis of Yi Jianlian basket 45 dollars

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Beijing time on June 30 " website of government of net of Xin Zexi basket " message, after Yi Jianlian joins in, the presiding apparitor lay mines of basket net is special - blame the sharp weapon that mark shows to Yi Jianlian will be development of basket network business. This is not blame mark is intended and polite, the market development fluctuation that basket net is aimed at Yi Jianlian really truly became sufficient kongfu. Yi Jianlian wraps around personally on the official website that the photograph of basket tennis garment appears in basket net, still deserve to have " big guy comes to Xin Zexi " caption. Basket net sells a webpage to make an ad in the ball ticket on its government website, always buy the fan of season ticket of basket net new sports season, can receive the polo shirt of a Yi Jianlian. In the fan shop of net of basket network official, 9 polo shirt had placed basket net edition of Yi Jianlian goods shelves.

9 polo shirt of Yi Jianlian turn in Yi Jianlian after the message of basket net is announced, can begin to undertake opening to booking before long, money of fan edition adult advocate price of field polo shirt is 45 dollars, buy for fan of convenient foreign citizen of Chinese origin, basket net opened Chinese channel designedly, fan can hint 9 polo shirt of Yi Jianlian are booked in the fan shop in basket net government through Chinese.

Basket net edition of Yi Jianlian grows up 9 numbers paragraph advocate price of field polo shirt 45 dollars, the fund of hart edition adult that this price compares Yi Jianlian advocate field polo shirt wants petty gain. Hart built couplet easily in August to sign the fund of Yi Jianlian's grow upping that after making an appointment with, rolls out formally last year advocate the price of field polo shirt is 62 dollars, yi Jianlian's polo shirt still can be bought in the fan shop in hart government website at present, price is 60 dollars.

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