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Polo shirt of NBA of 2007-08 sports season sells pop chart

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Beijing time on June 14, NBA official net announces polo shirt of 2007-08 sports season to sell pop chart, bostonian Kaierte the person's Kevin - Jianeite becomes champion of polo shirt sales volume, division of n/COL the head of a family star compares lake person - the platoon is in Bulaiente the 2nd, and " small emperor " Lebulang - after Zhanmusi tightens therewith. The platoon is in the 4th with the 5th is the Alan that digs gold - the Kelisi of Ai Fusen and wasp - Paul.

And the sale outstanding achievement that NBA each three-year institution of higher learning sells store also is to reside do not fall high, the sale of NBA flagship store grew 17% , and the online sale of NBA grew 29% , the MVP of division comparing commemorates the T-shirt is the sale on allied history is highest. For the commodity sale status of the contest after comparing the season last year and total final, the sale state this year is hot rise, have 100% go up.

It is the detailed rank of polo shirt sales volume below:

Player pop chart:

1, Kevin - Jianeite -- Bostonian Kaierte person

2, division comparing - Bulaiente- - person of los angeles lake

3, Lebulang - Zhanmusi- - overcome Li Fulan's knight

4, Alan - Ai Fusen- - Denver digs gold

5, Kelisi - Paul- - new orleans wasp

6, Steve - Nash- - phenanthrene Buddhist nun overcomes Si Taiyang

7, Deweien - Wei De -- Miami showing tremendous enthusiasm

8, Shakuier - O'Neil- - phenanthrene Buddhist nun overcomes Si Taiyang

9, Kameiluo - Anthony -- Denver digs gold

10, Jierbaite - Alinasi- - Washington wonder

11, Dirk - Nuoweiciji- - Dalasi calf

12, Dwight - Howard- - Orlando is magic

13, Teleixi - Maikegeleidi- - Houston rocket

14, Paul - Pierce- - Bostonian Kaierte person

15, Paul - Jiasuoer- - person of los angeles lake

Team pop chart:

1, Bostonian Kaierte person

2, person of los angeles lake

3, phenanthrene Buddhist nun overcomes Si Taiyang

4, new York Ni Kesi

5, Chicago ox

6, overcome Li Fulan's knight

7, Bostonian Kaierte person

8, Denver digs gold

9, Miami showing tremendous enthusiasm

10, Shengandongniao spur

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