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The capital outside the condition invests sports- - joint-stock solely invested

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The company is in Magenshidanli that maxim of domain of venture capital investment " leave for good-bye, exit to be entered better " , had passed in Chinese in the bookshops sing great river north and south -- with a ha breathed out as ideal as what its argument achieved in amounting to the event that can be troubled by bigger more climax as child 2007.

And the sports economy mode of Chinese mainland also was immersed in this to plant slowly " close long divide surely, cent is long close surely " " barpque " in argumentation, in already more and more foreign sports orgnaizations participate in his, they begin choice and local government collaboration, the independent rights and interests that obtains its match sale and bag to mount operation. Whether can obtain between the capital outside the condition and local government nevertheless distribute profit in all " cake " double gain a result, all these still is decided in inaccuracy in.

Is China and foreign countries joint-stock whether be economic interest go up bind husband and wife? 500 strong transnational corporation of world come China have hypostatic operation, joint-stock be still solely invested very good? 2007 year old the topic that end discusses very ardently in Euramerican mainland, in the globalization at the beginning of 2008 intense the sports domain that China permeated eventually in discussing greatly. With Beijing economy of this one region is exemple, end by 2007, beijing registers inside endowment, individual and the foreign capital, foreign enterprise that be stationed in Beijing, industrial and commercial door in waiting for main body of of all kinds market, beijing foreign capital is solely invested turn a tide most apparent, the proportion of solely invested enterprise has exceeded the proportion of the joint ventures, become the main form that the foreign trader invests.

At least NBA alliance is developing Chinese market field, had ended traditional joint-stock thinking, began its solely invested management course -- the hypostatic operation firm of NBA China this one independence is established, mean NBA China to lead NBA alliance to be in in the round all business of big China area. To this, chairman NBA David Stern says: "Undertake strategic investment conduces to us continueing to reach Chinese basketball association to popularize basketball to move hand in hand with national sports total bureau, the strong put oneself in another's position that stresses basketball motion place advocating in Chinese urban and rural community, healthy lifestyle reachs the value of group spirit. " and before of Chen Yongzheng of president of division of Microsoft big China assume office, according to sea of president of movement of battalion of NBA whole world Di Youbailuosi's word says, NBA respect also basically is to take a fancy to he and Chinese government the good relationship of relevant section.

The train of thought of NBA, inevitable meeting arouses the train of thought of substance of operation of sports of more henceforth abroad: Come China investment, may not should cooperate with Chinese native land capital, can have the aid of and Chinese government undertake deepness cooperates, obtain more substantial natural resources.
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