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Match sale is far from recessive market

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During distance Beijing Olympic Games kicks off 200 days, the sale activity of Olympic Games sponsor already according to the plan progressively development. And for the company that becomes a sponsor to doing not have ability, whether to mean the Olympic Games to had closed an entrance door to them? Reporter course is interviewed with all possible means, discover the multinomial Olympic Games that held first half of the year 2008 checks competition, provided high grade platform to be not the sale of Olympic Games sponsor. As Olympic Games atmosphere strengthen ceaselessly, a few popular Olympic Gameses check contest to also be place of the tourist outside a lot of Beijing yearning, what this gives relevant city is medium small travel agent offerred the opportunity that shares Olympic Games cake.

Can advertise inside test competition ground

To prevent the Olympic Games excessive commercialize, international Olympic committee does not allow the Olympic Games advertisement appears inside competition ground, but check Saibuna to manage range into this. Arranged 16 Olympic Gameses to check competition in all first half of the year 2008, 12 are arranged after Feburary among them, this wants to use an Olympic Games to checked the industry that surpasses platform to take sufficient time to have.

These weight in checking competition are the heaviest is the Chinese track and field that will hold to 25 days on May 22 undoubtedly open competition, this is bird's nest undertakes first the match, also be flying person Liu Xiang prepares for war of the Olympic Games important one battle. In addition, the diving contest of the last ten-day of a month and the invitational tournament of female basket international April also will have very tall attention to spend in Feburary. The reporter is in understanding to arrive about the personage from CCTV and Olympic Games Organizing Committee, these a few matches will be in hookup of channel of CCTV Olympic Games.

Of course, attention spends tall game, assistance cost is very high also. The some ad firm that test of these a few Olympic Gameses surpasses the sole agent produced an assistance tariff to the reporter. Price of individual match sponsor is 500 thousand yuan of RMBs, redound is place enterprise billboard in race site, match order book in take propagandist place to the enterprise. "These are a price, it is the value that development department of market of Olympic Games Organizing Committee decides, won't have privilege. " this salesperson emphasizes to the reporter.

Exclude the price taller this one element, test of these a few Olympic Games surpassed second half of the year 2008 is an enterprise really, especially in the gold opportunity that small sports business uses Olympic Games platform to publicize his.

In the opportunity of small travel agent

A month that a few have the big travel company of actual strength to hold the Olympic Games from beginning to end in succession regards as business emphasis grows this year period. Days of chief of branch of Beijing of the brigade in harbor tells a reporter, the company had begun last year large-scale " circle ground " , during meeting the Olympic Games, a lot of hotel rooms of Beijing are booked, exceed 20 million yuan for capital of this pay for sb and expect to be repaid later. These big travel companies not only actual strength books hotel resource, at the same time also channel takes entrance ticket of match of many Olympic Games, the travel cake during the Olympic Games is divided basically to feed by them.
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