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Er of star of grand of gold of Olympic Games head captures stake strive focal ho

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Who will select the first gold that extracts Beijing Olympic Games for Chinese team?

The be concerned about of this one most fetching 2008 attention, without doubt, can be the focal hour that global media pays close attention to. And superhigh exposure rate, also decided Chinese team directly the first gold general accumulate contain rich commercial value.

"We hope to use this news site, the trademark that will increase us is well-known degree. Want to know, 1.3 billion Chinese is expecting shop sign of this one gold nugget. " Hong Xinger overcomes Wu Rong of group vice president not to miss this according to the decision once in a blue moon sale good chance.

Gram of grand star Er is company of domestic burgeoning sporting goods, appear on the market at going to Singapore 2005, with Li Ning, how to step, special what the brand such as the pace holds domestic sporting goods jointly is intermediate the market.

To contend for China gold of Olympic Games head, gram of grand star Er buries next ambuscade already. It is at the beginning of 2007, gram of grand star Er left group of Chinese woman weight lifting with respect to the autograph, become its advocate sponsor.

Cross the leg of Beijing Olympic Games, you can discover very quickly: In the competition that the Olympic Games will give gold the first day definitely on August 9, fire and weight lifting are Chinese team the most hopeful two projects that seize gold.

Fire team stuck Li Ning's label, hong Xinger restrains a group of weight lifting of stake China woman. As we have learned, in team of Chinese woman weight lifting, many team member such as Yang Lian, Wang Mingjuan has the actual strength that seizes gold. Press the view that Wu Rong takes, be " seizing Jin Youshuang to be sure is 3 insurance even " .

Fire contest will be in in the morning at 8 o'clock half with half are held at 3 o'clock afternoon, weight lifting match began at 10 o'clock, ended at 12 o'clock midday. So Li Ning and gram of grand star Er contend for the opportunity of a gold to take an in part each.

Hong Xinger captures stake the strategy of gold of Olympic Games head is very clear, "What we value is light exposure. " Wu Rong is illuminated evade none to this.

"Give up evil and return to good " edge ball is politic

Go up to be built with the Olympic Games relation, hong Xinger overcomes all sides to hit out.

Be in early November 2006, gram of grand star Er signed cooperative agreement with Korea Olympic committee, become its advocate sponsor. Overcome delegacy of Xiang Chaoxian Olympic Games to offer of all kinds sneaker, sprotswear in the round by Hong Xinger, protect wait for professional sportswear to have. On the competition ground of Beijing Olympic Games, korea delegacy also wraps around the body Hong Xinger overcomes " battle gown " go all out kill, the Logo that this makes Hong Xinger is overcome can land Olympic Games competition ground successfully.
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