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Rubber-plastic sports of new science and technology is boundless---" 2008 intern

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The plastic balata application in sports industry is well-known, the applied range of plastic balata is very wide, sporting goods, equipment and place construction include in the center. Plastic balata material applies sports in equipment, can raise content of its science and technology, assist an athlete to breach the limit of motion and physical ability. Those who apply at sports industry is rubber-plastic material has character each, for example in the sporting goods rubber-plastic material is had it is wearability, good to prevent slippery, pliability, extensibility wait for a characteristic, main material has: PU, EVA, TPR; Apply at athletic appliance kind rubber-plastic material has wearability strong, crural feeling is comfortable, stretch good; And what what place construction uses is rubber-plastic it is good that material should have beat back, low transparency, wearability wait for character, if third is rare acid is lacteal ester, polyurethane, acrylic answer match a latex to wait. China is the base of the largest sporting goods production on the world, at present whole world the sporting goods of 65 % is make by China. Manufacturing industry of Chinese sporting goods realized accumulative total gross value of industrial output 2006 many yuan 500, than 2005 the corresponding period grows 24.61 % , sales revenue of accumulative total product makes an appointment with 3.6 billion yuan, than 2005 the corresponding period grows 17.63 % . Chinese dweller especially rural dweller is right the daily demand grow in quantity of sporting goods, establishment, plus Beijing Olympic Games is right 2008 of demand of sporting goods establishment pull move below, chinese sports industry will have the development of very large space, and right relevant and rubber-plastic the demand of material and qualitative element also promote accordingly. In rubber-plastic in sports industry apply a trend to have: Stretch good, wear-resisting, prevent slippery reach comfortable polyurethane; Fight the muti_function material such as snow of burning hot, cold, harships -- T of · of F · I; Sex of tall resilience, attrition is good, advantageous be able to bear or endure await function and the silicon PU of avirulent environmental protection. " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit "Greet an Olympic Games Add add sports brand-new element Industry fixes eyes upon " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " (the 22nd China International is plastic rubber industry exhibition) was about to come 20 days to read extensively in new international of Shanghai Pudong Shanghai on April 17, 2008 the center pulls open heavy curtain. During this, by elegant type the exhibition serves limited company to sponsor, plastic guild of association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment, Shanghai, " Chinese plastic balata " , elegant type is rubber-plastic only net and Yimeiji are communal concern adviser limited company assist do " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " activity of the corresponding period " rubber-plastic with sports " get equipment fix eyes upon. As " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " medium one large window, "Rubber-plastic with sports " thematic activity will be in read extensively what outdoors square builds the center is rubber-plastic with gymnasium in hold ceremoniously, and with " rubber-plastic new science and technology, sports is boundless " the propagandist catchword that regards this as second activity, what share more in sports industry domain applying with industry is newest and rubber-plastic technology and solution. " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " exhibit an area to will even more 130, 000 square metre, and become an Asia the 4th year continuously the biggest plastic and rubber-plastic exhibit, the chemical raw material that meeting admiral uses at many industries showpiece and 1, many 800 mechanical equipment. To make " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " become top class rubber-plastic course of study is exhibited meeting, congress publicizes promotion actively, already attracted even more now 1, 700 famous global suppliers are joined exhibit, have more than 63, 000 professional audiences are arrived at look around. As the drawing near of footstep of 08 Beijing Olympic Games, sports already became a of home popular topic, people reachs an Olympic Games about sports industry to mastering more the longing of relevant knowledge and demand also increase increasingly. Take the opportunity, " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " during, sponsor an unit to develop elaborate organization with " rubber-plastic with sports " a series of activities that give priority to a problem, conduct propaganda and promotion are plastic with the balata wide application in sports industry, and strengthen rubber-plastic with the communication between sports industry. "Rubber-plastic with sports " --
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