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Exposition of science and technology of 2008 Olympic sports

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2008Exposition of Olympic sports science and technology Invitation letter Showpiece date: On August 1, 2008 ~ on August 4 Nod showpiece: Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibit a center Approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China sponsors an unit: International sports science and educational board(ICSSPE) Federation of international sports medicine(FIMS) International Olympic committee(IOC) International incomplete abstruse meeting(IPC) Undertake unit: Constant of Guangdong of bureau of sports of province of Guangdong of government of people of province of Guangdong of national sports total bureau and international sports read extensively of central limited company [exhibition setting] the rapid development as science and technology, contemporary Olympic Games already was to compare the athlete of which country to run more quickly purely no longer, jump higher, lift againer, in the backside of athlete and athlete argue, it is country and development of national science and technology and popular feeling agglomerate compare integratedly greatly go all out. Each record on the Olympic Games, be limit of human breakthrough physiology not just reflect, also be the concentration of innovation of science and technology in sports is shown. On Olympic Games of Greek 2004 Athens, international sports science and educational board(ICSSPE), federation of international sports medicine(FIMS), international Olympic committee(IOC)With international incomplete abstruse meeting(IPC)Wait for 4 international organization(ICC)Before deciding to kick off in the Olympic Games, the country is held to hold international sports science, education and medical plenary meeting in the Olympic Games, be called in China " congress of 2008 Olympic science "(2008 International Convention On Science, education And Medicine In Sport), guangzhou gains this second mass rally undertake authority, and on August 1, 2008 - in Guangzhou east guesthouse is held 5 days. Current Aokehui also is above organization of scientific research of 4 international sports holds Olympic science plenary meeting jointly hand in hand first, its purpose is world division academia elite gathers together, the newest discovery in communicating education of activity of science of the sports in each domain, sports medicine, sports, sports and motion to carry out, experience and progress, transmit this domain newest development information, will turn the whole world into interdisciplinary forum. InICC, the big thrust of government of people of province of national sports total bureau, Guangdong and bureau of Guangdong province sports is moved below, the decision is held during Aokehui " exposition of science and technology of 2008 Olympic sports " , build a platform that communicates with bound of world sports science and technology for Chinese sports industry thereby, have the aid of
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