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How to step sports to be benefited 23 lines city is driving demand

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How to step sports (2020. HK) announced outstanding achievement of 7 years of annual a few days ago. The growth of sale of benefit from benefit from and average price. Turnover rises 1. 5 times to 31. 8.2 billion yuan of RMBs. Net profit grows 2. 6 times to 5. 3.8 billion yuan. We think how to step what will become 23 lines city to increase market of dress of swift and violent sports the biggest person that be benefited, outstanding achievement will maintain better progress. Look valence is mark first 9. 7 HK dollar. Give " buy " grade.
Ascendant range of wool interest rate and net profit margin is bigger. Company product component steps brand product and international brand product to install. According to turnover contribution differentiates. How to step a product to occupy than for 93. 9 % . Cent is a shoe kind, dress, deserve to act the role of wait for 3 kinds. International brand product basically distributes the international brand such as pace of the Didasi that sell A, acute and card handkerchief. How to step a product to be located in service people marketplace surely. Basically include lunar income 2, 000 yuan of RMBs control the household that reachs above. According to data of national statistic bureau. We forecast the target market that how steps to cover the urban population of more than 80 % and the rural population of 10 % . Add up to achieves above of 500 million person.
How to step not to sell a product to consumer directly. Sell business sale how to step a product to cent with wholesale form however. Divide those who sell business to rely on accredit how to step retailing shop cent to sell a product. Up to by 2007, how to step 39 cent sell business. How to step cent to sell business is managed directly or appoint hire business of operation of tripartite retailing shop to manage, up to how does minute of business that sell business step to receive till 2007 and indirect management in all 4716 tripartite is retail operation business.
Differentiate according to the brand company turnover. How to step a brand to contribute majority business sale. Because international brand is in initial phase. Occupy than be only 6. 1 % . Differentiate according to the product company turnover, shoe kind product place holds turnover share the biggest. Occupied 2007 although,compare relatively reduced somewhat 2006 but still achieve 52. 9 % ; Dress kind the turnover growth rate of the product is the rapiddest, grew 234 compared to the same period 2007. 6 % . Occupy bigger than also having increase. From 32 2006. 8 % rise to 43 2007. 1 % . As a result of the promotion of the brand. The average price of the company rises range is bigger. Among them 2007 company shoe kind the product is average price rises compared to the same period 29 % come 88. 0 yuan, dress product is average price rises compared to the same period 15 % come 53. 6 yuan. Predict 2008 shoe kind product kimono installs kind of product price to still will have 16 % and the promotion of 14 % respectively. 2007, the wool interest rate of company whole and of all kinds product all rises somewhat, integral wool interest rate is maintained in 33. 2 % . Relatively last year the corresponding period 25. 1 % grows 8. A percent. Main and indebted at more product of high quality scales increases. The amplitude of wool interest rate that how stamps a brand is the biggest. From 25 2006. 1 % grows 2007 33. 9 % . Future we think upgrade as company brand, odd of a product price rise will continue to carry litre, predict level of wool interest rate reached microlitre 2008 33. 8 % .
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