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" 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " distinctive new form shows a p

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Have 22 histories " China International is plastic rubber industry exhibition " (next weighing " international is rubber-plastic exhibit " ) will change new form this year, with brand-new appearance to exhibit business and audience to reveal its to specialization, the individual character of internationalization and vigor. " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " will in April 2008 17 in Chinese Shanghai to 20 days new international reads extensively the center is held grandly. Exhibit the whole of the meeting to design this year will by the delegate the different pattern such as plastic raw material, mechanical, mould, half finished products closes to go all out and be become, behave at the spot each size establishment reachs adornment, the person that Wu begs accord to meet has a kind of feeling that find everything new and fresh. Sponsor unit elegant type to show service limited company advanced sale and market promotion manager Miss Liang Yaqi say: " exhibit the spot design of the meeting to will use brand-new color and figure design this year, besides the hope outside information of one new audience, more important is aggrandizement " international is rubber-plastic exhibit " major and international figure. "   is well-known, " international is rubber-plastic exhibit " dimensions in successive years expands, this year exhibit an area more amount to 134, 500 square metre, ginseng exhibit postpone business 1, many 700. Reach the conjugate that postpone business for convenient audience, the spot establishs many zones, include to assist equipment and test instrument zone, mould and treatment facilities zone, beverage and plastic bag furnish zone of zone of equipment zone, mechanical zone, chemical industry and raw material zone, half finished products, extruder instrument, export machinery and raw material house with China. Miss Liang Yaqi says, sponsor square sedulous a visualize of item on display inside each zone, cap of screw of the container that produces like the concave and convex configuration of the mould, machine that blow bottle, half finished products, plastic chemical element, mechanical gear, pass through agile method spelling step, form exhibit the meeting is distinctive and original design, the diversity that thereby highlights item on display and exhibit can specialization. In addition, congress still used bright tangerine to be met to exhibit advocate tone color, symbolic move is advanced rubber-plastic science and technology is the vitality that each domain brings on the life and vigor. " international is rubber-plastic exhibit " already was the world the 3rd, plastic balata exhibits Asian first, congress hopes can have the aid of extends the new form of the meeting, exhibit the class of the meeting to promote further, reach add the attributive touch that exhibits business and audience to be met to exhibiting. Besides exhibiting meeting figure and spot design, congress also does not forget the content that meets to exhibit adds new element. Annual " international is rubber-plastic exhibit " activity of the corresponding period is regarded as to exhibit one of meeting window, last year " president forum " reach " in imprint plastic industry collaboration and development height forum " the high opinion that obtains audience and media. Today exhibit can be receive the Beijing Olympic Games August, special added sports element, build at the spot rubber-plastic with gymnasium, hold " rubber-plastic with sports " thematic activity, 幷 with " rubber-plastic new science and technology, sports is boundless " the propagandist catchword that is an activity, what share more in sports industry domain applying with industry is newest and rubber-plastic technology and solution. Congress will be passed through showpiece of all kinds sporting goods, appliance and place establishment, introduce plastic balata technology how to enhance the efficiency of sports product; In addition, congress still arranged beautiful type bicycle and gem gal show, ping-pong, confuse your football to reach confuse the interactive game such as your golf, make each audience can personal testimony and experience are rubber-plastic science and technology is right the importance that develops athlete potential. In addition, afterwards last year " in imprint plastic industry collaboration and development height forum " hold successfully, sponsor unit elegant type to exhibit service limited company to make persistent efforts this year, couplet is the same as association of association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment, American plastic industry (plastic guild of association of plastic and mechanical industry and Shanghai holds SPI) China " collaboration of 2008 Sino-US and plastic industries and development height forum " , the hope combines Sino-US enterprise to discuss Sino-US two countries jointly the challenge of plastic industry and good luck, the business chance of plastic industry reachs thereby stimulative two countries conspire cooperative opportunity. The topic for discussion includes: (One) market of Sino-US two countries grows trend analysis---Plastic course of study, plastic products line of business and plastic and mechanical evolution appear whole of understanding two countries shape and exit foreground, and the price of plastic raw material takes the whole world situation; (2) the partner that how seeks a success---Sino-US the more close together economy of two great power adds up to the impact that makes plastic to the whole world trade, reach how to infiltrate Chinese market; (3) the opportunity that Sino-US two countries expands plastic industry place to be faced with and challenge---By each expert reachs a representative enterprise to represent personal explanation inside course of study. The person that attend the meeting can enter panel discussion more, the feasible program that knows Sino-US collaboration and success case, the atmosphere that believes to will be whole summit forum turns supreme tide. " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " will apply at steam to match showpiece, building materials, communication and information science and technology, pack, electron and the chemical raw material that electric, hand uses the field such as equipment of tool, medical treatment and 1, many 800 mechanical equipment. " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " it is successive the 19th have the honor to win Europe plastic with Manufacturers Association of rubber industry machinery (the China that EUROMAP) sponsors solely is rubber-plastic exhibition, by elegant type the exhibition serves limited company to sponsor, federation of national light industry, association of plastic and mechanical industry, Dusaierduofu exhibits association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment, China (China) company of exhibition of business affairs of trade of the classics outside plastic guild of limited company, Shanghai, Shanghai, Beijing is elegant exhibit an exhibition to serve, obtain many global professional association to support energetically. " 2008 international are rubber-plastic exhibit " set for the personage inside course of study only, price of admission is every 20 yuan of RMBs, finally two days (namely in April 19 reach 20 days) can enter freely; And every of the personage inside course of study makes be registered beforehand on the net at Www.ChinaplasOnline.com, all but exempt price of admission 20 yuan of RMBs, yi Ke is obtained freely give congress proceedings of a conference (value RMB 30 yuan of) .
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