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Sporting goods and gymnastical equipment purchase the 3rd 2008 justice black Fai

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Invitation letter Sponsor an unit: Sports of small commodities city of justice black China lies fallow consortium of things a person of same businessAssist run an unit: Page of pieplant of Russia of company of magazine of » of « world famous brand Support an unit: Justice black city Economic Development BoardAbroad representative: Si Ma can exhibit France limited companyUndertake unit: Hangzhou achieves outstanding exhibition service limited companySpecial express gratitude: Alibaba - - the strategy popularizes a partner net Baidu popularizes Hui CongThe orgnaization supports particularly outside the condition: TV station of Arabia Asia business affairs satelliteCooperative media: Sporting goods net (Sportgoods.cn)Network of outdoors data of China of net of things of fitness of China of net of Chinese fitness equipment, Qingdao sports network, discovery campaign of resource net, China plays net of recreational articles for use of things net, China, 3515 nets Exhibit conference forward position: Sporting goods and gymnastical equipment purchase the 3rd 2008 justice black Fair (abbreviation: Rich of justice black body is met) complied with an industry to develop posture, for industry of fitness of domestic and international sports and product of its form a complete set production enterprise was offerred reveal and commerce communication and exit platform. This second Fair is given priority to with foreign trade, arrange improvement trade and a variety of economy commerce such as joint-stock, collaboration negotiate. Invite sincerely the foreign enterprise such as middle east, Euramerican, southeast Asia, Korea, Italy, France, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan to assemble in justice black ginseng to exhibit, communication, reveal, negotiate, commerce. Exhibit meeting analysis and ginseng to extend argument: 1, fall in September, world each district buys the home to collect collect China----Justice black, purchase corresponding goods, it is the best opportunity of foreign market of export of your company product. 2, justice black, China is the most attractive city, china has latent capacity city most, china can exhibit property optimal city, the throughout the country's biggest small commodities terminal market---Business area is achieved26010 thousand square metre, business door6More than 10000, assemble close4010 thousand kinds of commodity, it is our country's biggest small commodities current center and exit base. 3, purchase trade dominant position bulkily: Day all2010 thousand purchase business, 180Many countries / the area exceeds10000Much name is stationed in justice foreign group, be stationed in place of delegate of trade of justice experience foreign enterprise to exceed
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