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Chairman of international ping couplet personally clappers China brand undertake

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Our newspaper Guangzhou on March 1 special telegram (Yan of reporter Xue Miao) the day before yesterday afternoon, salad of chairman of international ping couplet is pulled in center of conference of white cloud international and Shanghai limited company of group of sporting goods of Pisces of joint-stock company of sports of red double happiness, Guangzhou signed match of ping-pong of Beijing Olympic Games to appoint equipment cooperation agreement. This is meant, "Red double happiness " and " Pisces " brand of native land ping-pong of these two China will undertake the whole thing in the Beijing this year August the ball stage of match of Olympic Games ping-pong and match are supplied with the ball, this still is first time on Olympic Games history.

On contest of current generation ping, pisces provides ball station, red double happiness offers the match to use a ball. But go up in the match of ping-pong of Beijing Olympic Games August, red double happiness will offer ball stage, net and fender, pisces offers the match to use ball and juridical scoreboard. It is reported, appear in the stage of ball of red double happiness on Beijing Olympic Games, had been in " lucky Beijing " in checking competition, had appeared, it is the ball stage product that newest development gives, the rainbow ball stage that shines brilliantly before appearance and this is similar.

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