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2008 China (Shenzhen) exposition of international sporting goods

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Directive unit: Executive council of games of undergraduate of the 26th world sponsors an unit: Shenzhen city carries culture advances meeting support unit greatly: Office of base of property of sports of state of city of Shenzhen of bureau of Shenzhen city sports undertakes unit: Shenzhen city carries culture promotes prosperous of flourish of meeting Shenzhen city to show limited company greatly Business sea layout, an ancient name for China chasing the deer-fight for the throne, you, how but absent? CHINA SHENZHEN SPORT SHOW 2008-- Will surely make you harvest brand-new business chance and experience! ! ! Shenzhen city carries culture promotes Rong Chang of city of meeting, Shenzhen to exhibit limited company to will be held jointly greatly " 2008 China (Shenzhen) exposition of international sporting goods " . This exposition is " games of undergraduate of the 26th world " one of activities of form a complete set, serve as directive unit by executive council of games of undergraduate of the 26th world, shenzhen city carries stimulative meeting sponsors culture greatly, prosperous of Shenzhen city flourish exhibits limited company to undertake, one will be held every year in Shenzhen since 2008. Afterwards " games of undergraduate of the 21st world " after succeeding to be held in Beijing, shenzhen will be held 2011 again " games of undergraduate of the 26th world " , "World undergraduate games " it is the cosmopolitan integrated athletic meeting that federation of international undergraduate sports sponsors, be called " of " small Olympic Games, also be " the Olympic Games " rehearse. And, guangzhou will be held 2010 " games of the 16th Asia " . It is those who coordinate great event of this two big sports to hold, and the policy demand that Shenzhen builds base of national sports property, this second what hold in Shenzhen is large internationally sporting goods exposition, it is the distinguished gathering of sporting goods industry of high standards, what will be sporting goods industry is of all kinds produce, for, sell an enterprise to offer to show new product, new technology and the opportunity that develop sales promotion activity and location, provided the stage of the athletics that be the same as a stage for businessman of home, abroad, rose to promote new product for the businessman, the bridge action that new transfer of technology comes to, will be industry elite border the industry distinguished gathering with infinite opportunity of meeting, trade. Exhibit concerned ginseng item to inform as follows now: One, showpiece time: In July 2008 4-6 day2, showpiece dot: Shenzhen conference exhibits a center 3, limits of item on display: 1, Athletic dress, sneaker, recreational fashionable dress: Recreational and of all kinds sprotswear, sneaker, recreational fashionable dress, swimsuit, fashionable shoe, cap, glove, socks and deserve to act the role of.
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