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Sports star effect: Taking " shackles " advertisement experience

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In recent years, group of Chinese sports manager has a kind of burgeoning abroad background deep " three-ply force " , they " understand China than the foreigner, but more familiar than the Chinese foreign country " . Ran my friend, successfully 2007 the Zhu Xiaodong of person of door of palm of Europe dispatch sports of women football world cup is such. He is busy recently hand in hand AC Nielsen does to be similar to " Forbes " pop chart of value of commerce of Chinese sports star, predict to be in before long pusher goes out. Sheet of this a list of names posted up takes advertising ad company to preparing to invite sports to star for, have huge reference value.

Advertisement is pry the shopwindow of creativity of substance of operation of an independent economy, in advertisement piece in evolving, we can discover Chinese society is occurrent delicate change. The people of ad firm takes place intense debate ceaselessly in the process of the film that make, main word is around " client " , " brand " , " core competition ability " , " fixed position " and spread out. Nevertheless sometimes adman appears oversight the most objective element: Star.

at sports advertisement, does the effect that sports stars have after all how old? To advertisement advocate, the more the sports of big shop sign stars, a huge sum signs them, the effect of the ad that its bring and brand the more great, especially those bear are worn the star that promotes 23 lines brand important task resembles extremely taking " shackles " dance person. Go up in the node of Olympic Games sale after all, enterprise go up to build Olympic Games regular bus, certainly will nots hesitate principal ground " be bungled " advertisement.

On market of Chinese gymnastic advertisement, be in the Shanghai that 4A company developeds most, urban hero Yao Ming and Liu Xiang are become naturally current star of the hottest big shop sign. The project that undertakes from them is the world's welcome degree, for the angle from public concern, they do not have negative news almost, all figure are the front, active, the behaviour of two big star very be cautious, and be good at mix media contact with. They are an acting character brands severally the fascia in China and even whole Asia.

The property of individual hero creed of athletic sports, gifted the promotion of every motion and gain ground to want those who rely on star class player to prop up. So does the athlete of star class need what to quality have after all in order to promote their advertisement value? The American famous sports that had sports sale cause 17 years in China McCarthy of · of agent soup Mu thinks: Above all, the professional skill of the player is close friends, gifted; Next, individual character is close friends, want to have feeling of a kind of mission, contribute somewhat to the society, know redound society, know how to go penitentiary others. "Yao Ming is such star, god gave him the gene of basketball, he himself also very hard, he knows to say right word in correct circumstance, he made very good model for adolescent, help teenage development. This is star, such talent has enormous commercial value. Such talent has enormous commercial value..
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