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Industry of our country sports grows ecbolic body rich can new concept

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2008, the development of Chinese sports industry is destined is to want by particularize.

Rely on the Olympic Games of 8 years of Beijing that attract worldwide attention hold, industry of our country sports has entered the drive of development gradually, from before experience makes clear, hold an Olympic Games to sponsor the development of city and place nation in economic respect to promoting, its effect is met than ever several times, and to whole sports industry revitalize and flourish, it is with might doubled more. Regard organizing committee of the 29th Olympic Games as one of large activities of approval, the fair of sporting goods of 2008 China International that is about to hold at eve of Olympic Games of 8 years of Beijing (the 22nd) it is under such big setting, more conspicuous.

Regard Asia-Pacific area as dimensions the biggest and even the grand meeting that the equipment of world front row gets bound of world sporting goods to pay close attention to, establish 15 years, the development that conducted exposition of 21 China International sporting goods already successfully to accompanying course of study of Chinese sporting goods had gone to arrive from planned economy market economy, from single production management mode arrives the development way that mode of linkage of whole industry catenary changes sports industry nowadays, witnessed industry of our country sports to be changed to sports industry dimensions by sporting goods industrialization gradually decay.

"Current system rich can depend on the wind of the Olympic Games, to promoting industry of our country sports dimensions is changed and internationalization pace has far-reaching effect. " trade public figure expresses in succession, the Olympic Games brings rare development opportunity for development of sports industry itself, swim up and down for industry of our country sports conformity of industrial catenary linkage brought an opportunity, current system rich can seize this one opportunity just about, concentration reflects industry of our country sports to develop fruit, it is collect exhibition, reveal, commerce, information is current etc muti_function the large, internationalization that is an organic whole, specialization exposition, and becoming stage by stage it is core with the sporting goods, the platform of resource of match of sale of give attention to two or morethings, omnibus sports industry that extends sports culture.

Lead an industry span

To sports industry limit, the academia is put in different view all the time, but the main difference between Yo of the polity in be opposite and world sports powerful nation, its view is breathtaking however and unanimous: Not be the athletic success that is a mark with Olympic Games gold and athletics level, more or less to change degree discretion to be the industrialization level of the mark with the enterprise with profit however.
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