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Club of European rich and powerful family should be in school of Chinese open football to belong to a much cry and little wool mostly, include AC Milan, international Milan, royal Madrid to wait for club of green mattress rich and powerful family to vow solemnly at the outset the ground wants market of China of race to control, but what fall to real point truly is not too much, and even if is the mode that collaboration also is staff of the group outside adopting, and rather than throws more financial capacity material resources, reduce the risk to lowermost limit as far as possible. Look in Euramerican rich and powerful family be like lively however backwater not before while, football of Han day two countries sads however silence ground delivers the view to China, they mostly with more good China runs sufficient school in light of the manner of deal with concrete matters relating to work, beijing and Shanghai already made the open football school, first selection that enlarges respective football influence. Because they and China are the same as place East Asia, the difference of same culture setting and personnel constitution is not big, to relatively low confused China also brings new concussion system of education of sufficient mothball qualified personnel, can bring more material benefit.

Korea " Korea daily " express publicly a few days ago, the child afterwards that Korea aspire thinks of to abroad learns kickball studies abroad to Brazil and Europe besides, the times that learns kickball to China has come. Join as the child 300 sufficient school are in at the beginning of March with middle school of river of land of Beijing University attached middle school together open sufficient school, will more and more Korea football teenagers accept normal football training in China, and it to in the ascendant Chinese football much conform with international and the mode of formal diversity.

The child joins 300 sufficient school are in the school of famous football major that Korea football it may be said has pupils everywhere, annual the student that graduates from school of nearly 120 relevant cent is amounted to reach 1200 people, be carried to enter an university to perhaps join in the player of professional team reachs 600 people, rate of higher grow into useful timber also makes this school is in Korea reputation is celebrated. Because the cost to Chinese open sufficient school is relative inferior, accordingly, the child that a lot of Korea miss kickball signs up eagerly will to China study abroad, the number of student studying abroad of Han book football that already won approval at present is 50 people. The study that these to China coming that study abroad is ferial and main in entrusting Liu He, learn to accept education, attend the school on the weekend between and with the dual meet between other club. Will come every year to will play league matches of football of Beijing middle school and game of football of middle school games November in June. This joint football school will be given priority to with kickball and study language, the whereaboutldirection in the future will be each university that rises China.
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