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Be able to bear or endure to overcome or will become new sponsor of French footb

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Xinhua net Paris on January 5 report (reporter Lu Longjun) French football association announced a few days ago, sufficient to French country team undertook invite public bidding to the sponsor 2018 2010. The France before this is sufficient assist the official ever complained show a sponsor Adidasi underestimated team value, and wish to give higher price be able to bear or endure the gram becomes new sponsor likely.

The sponsor with French current line is Adidasi, what bilateral collaboration already was as long as 35 years is long. However, france is sufficient assist chairman Aisikalaite will express last year in November, adidasi underestimated the value of French team, france is sufficient assist will better " use the contention between sporting goods business " . Before this, germany is sufficient assist already expended assistance through method of invite public bidding by original annual 11 million euro raises 25 million euro.

Adidasi gives France sufficient assist year commitment fee is 10 million euro about. France " Feijialuo signs up for " disclosed a few days ago, be able to bear or endure the assistance contract that the gram hopes to be able to take line of laxative remedy nation, and express to be willing to give Biadidasi's higher price. The result of invite public bidding of French team new sponsor will be announced on Feburary 22 this year.

Be able to bear or endure the gram just entered football field 1994, but its development rate is very rapid. Be able to bear or endure the gram establishs next lofty aspirations and great ideals even, the hope becomes the world's biggest football things supplier. French group success is relatively stable, french football market is very huge also, be able to bear or endure the assistance right that restrains pair of France groups is very possible annals is in must.

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