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Football and market research are adscript

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The time of a month, insist to write an essay that 2000 words control everyday, wear football and market research this cup is cocktail, hu Kan is spoken carelessly, although be being risked by expert place not the danger that shame is reader joke, also the pen did not stop n cultivated land. Want carefully now to come, can't help applausing for oneself, begin start writing when did not think of to be able to so continuously absolutely come, clear experience arrived the work force that running water wears stone.

Like a football to have a lot of years. Study is nervous when reading a middle school, close to handle an issue moreover whether jump out the key of farming door, daily get of great capacity of book hill paper, be too busy attend to football. Plainspoken, the understanding to the football is very peripheral in those days, also basically belong to say to not be clear about offside why content. In those days, can know the news of field of a few footballs through now and then broadcast only. The sports facilities of the county is very poor also, the school connects a pretty field to be done not have, the big sports ground that laid grey broken bits is to suit battlefield Qiu Dianbing to use only really. It is such condition, the most absorbing on a lot of gym that be checked to deal with superior and open also is a football. Sports teacher holds two footballs that treat baby in the arms, see some ringent leather know a ball already cross of all previous classics. Without what art of composition, without what organization, there is net more on goal, everybody is fooled namely and go up anyway, everybody knows a regulation, since be a football, using a hand is absolutely not possible, other and optional. American world cup when, comfortable meet the university entrance exam, did not leave what impression really, just knew through a few short Ba Qiao shoots the melancholy after the ball that lose a point and horsetail plait later, knew the goal that because play the ball into oneself,has a player went back to the motherland to be beaten dead by the gun.

When knowing these, should be to read an university, seem at that time " sport weekly " also was born, and this newspaper is campus in most of fire, zhou San is published but you if Zhou San buys regular meeting fail to get or achieve what one wanted in the evening. That time, everybody is very poor, order without money, can use only managing the newspaper that the gnash one's teeth of steamed bread buck that come out goes to buying to love. The most absorbing inside sport weekly is football and NBA of course. Also be from the real knowledge since this moment the football fell in love with a football. Tell from this angle, the football that sport weekly is me is illuminative teacher, it is her church my what is offside what is indirect free kick what is to foul.

The gym in the university should divide into classes, I hesitated to choose a football none. When the opinion that I still record so that the teacher seeks authority chooses what kind of Qiu Yi, be all with one voice almost, AC Milan. Milan of 90 time medium-term is period of at the height of power and splendour, living broadcast of TV of have the aid of, be like major China fan to like Milan. And I have Xing Yecheng to raise red Hei Jian of false Milan team for this the owner of unlined upper garment, number is 15. According to the convention of field, I should be therein hind the player of field. The fact also is such, I often appear in the position of the full back side team, sit of course the time of bench may be a few longer. Again later, 15 of our team made the number of goalkeeper, because technology of false Milan player is very wrong, the door will be a decoration more almost, the ball is entered with the look that does not take emperor of complete settle on. Even if such, also accomplished the my better chance that observes the condition on field, made face a direct.
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