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Unscramble market of Chinese football sports

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As drew near of Beijing Olympic Games gradually 2008, the Chinese is increasing ceaselessly to the interest of athletic sports. According to CCTV, the CSM sports assistance that Suo Furui agency studies evaluates research April " 2004 China sports and sports assistance findings " , in the investigation that in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou 3 ground have, choose 15-65 year old televiewer undertakes as example the face is visited, as a result discovery has the person of more than 90% to be interested in sports, the person that has 18% among them is interested in sports very much. This data is apparent the similar findings of prep above Europe, this explains sports market of China has latent capacity extremely. In the meantime, 3 terrestrial electricity inspect the degree of be fond of that the audience moves to the football to want prep above basketball, ping-pong, badminton and volleyball, the per cent of its midleg fan is 27% , confuse than residing the 2nd basketball (19% ) tower above 8 percent. Beyond question, the market that the football is in China is infinite and tremendous. In the philtrum that is interested in the football, the male heat to the football faithful degree wants woman of apparent prep above, almost all male is at least to the football " have a bit interest " , and the female is greatly different, especially in the televiewer of Beijing, only the female of 48% expresses to be interested in the football, the male is 86% , all under other two cities. And different age paragraph apparent difference is revealed without body on the manner that the feature is moving to the football.

Those who need ambitious shift is, the basis inspects the investigation of the audience to 3 terrestrial electricity, the person that great majority is interested in the football has the team that he likes most, among them Shanghai person is most, have 97% , it is Peking Man next 90% , finally is Guangzhou person 81% ; And to sufficient fan, almost everybody has him " dote on " team, the scale of 3 cities is ordinal be 99% , 99% , 98% . And the result shows, have 2.55 on average each " love most " , this and we often agree in findings dispute of Europe. Same, the team amount that the male dotes on also wants prep above woman, it is respectively 2.72 with 2.29; Different age paragraph still not be the main factor that makes difference; Fan people endearment team amount is opposite for nature is most, average per capita 2.8. Although be to what the football is interested in the televiewer of Beijing on scale,lag behind at Shanghai and Guangzhou, but they have however relative to more team that oneself dote on, the findings of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is respectively 2.74, 2.47 with 2.2.

In view of the football motion is in China the welcome degree in televiewer, the market that analyses the element that in China the most welcome football team and influence audience choose to be in China to developing a football to move is very necessary.
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