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Market of 2007 China football faces collapse dish football practitioner decrease

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Be in when the people of the whole country when be enmeshed in the festive atmosphere that spend the New Year, athlete of football of a few China feels this however year very uneasy -- arrive from 2002 now, as domestic football market low with each passing day fan, the aggravation of big environment, most player still cannot find the job when the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day comes, and must face the risk that follows nowadays hillock.

On December 31, 2006, china is sufficient assist announced this sports season to turn list of a list of names posted up on meeting player, altogether has 540 people, time of a subsequently many month, the number of player of a list of names posted up has on add without decrease, up to already exceeded 600 people yesterday. Outside dividing few number player to find new boss when New Year comes among them, the others is awaiting anxiously for the most part. And China is sufficient assist will be at the beginning of good year 8 (the first weekday after the Spring Festival) hold a press conference, this news briefing will decide their destiny henceforth very likely. It is to continue to stay kickball, still leave thoroughly, this is a serious problem to them.

Market of current situation football dies in the round dish

After Han day world cup ends, bedding face of football talent market accumulates atrophy, this also proclaimed the brilliant and complete end of times of A of Chinese football armour. 5 years of time, in all many 3000 player is hanged out his shingle by the club, and those who find the job is mere do not have 20% , among them major player left the player lives. Can say, in time of 5 years, football talent market of China moved toward the brim that break down gradually.

And in lustrum, the age of player of come off sentry duty presents serious two polarization trend. Football athlete age became old want without the club, this is very normal; More " 80 hind " the player is returning the condition that experiences without any professional footballs to fall with respect to come off sentry duty, this is abnormal. Be in instead international football, 20 years old of right-and-left players are the most popular, also be the price is the most expensive.

And the atrophy that another current situation that nots allow to ignore is capital, the player turns meeting price is lower and lower, previously at every turn millions is adjacent go up ten million yuan, and 4 million yuan had been called now " day price " .

Sequential football practitioner extremely drama decreases

Go up century 90 time, it is the life with Chinese profession the noblest player, also let by tens of thousands the parent draws out money to send the child into football school in succession. But these children arrived to should be hit when year, what must face come off sentry duty however is awkward. Investigate its reason has only -- the practitioner of Chinese football seeks result one-sidedly, the basics that overlooked a football is bred. China of the end of the year is sufficient 2006 assist the player that announce turns on meeting list, only 22 people are to go up in 540 people century the old player that 70 time are born, the others is completely " 80 hind " , have what was born 1989 more among them. "80 hind " so large-scale come off sentry duty, inevitable effect parent lets the child learn the football, enthusiasm that play football. The football did not have extensive base, speak of development very hard naturally.
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