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Adidasi will continue to sponsor German football

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Xinhua net Berlin on August 17 report (reporter Shi Xiang) according to Germany " the picture signs up for " 17 days of report, germany is sufficient assist with sporting goods supplier the company is in Adidasi 16 days Situjiate continues to cooperate reach consistent. Adidasi the firm will increase annual commitment amount for this, real commitment amount exceeds former and annual the quote of euro of 2 ten million, but be able to bear or endure under its competitor gram company is annual the price of euro of 5 ten million.

According to " the picture signs up for " divulge, adidasi company and Germany sufficient

Because the Germany before this is sufficient assist having different understanding to extending collaboration with Adidasi, because this is bilateral,still is an arbitral judge to come in talk of 16 days spot adjudication. The adjudication that is this judge makes Adidasi and Germany sufficient assist continue finally to cooperate reach consistent. " the picture signs up for " express, such result is full to Adidasi and Germany assist for be pair of winning results.

Adidasi the company thinks this company and Germany are sufficient assist lengthened collaboration to reach oral agreement Spring 2006, but Germany is sufficient assist think such oral agreement does not have legal sanction. The United States is able to bear or endure gram company also borrows machine initiate " silver plays offensive " , drive the high price that gives euro of 5 ten million one year, the purpose becomes the Germany after 2011 sufficient assist new sponsor.

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