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France enlighten things of exercise blocking you sells be about to open business

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"Global second " should come mansion set up shop

Our newspaper learns solely France enlighten Ka Nong group should come mansion opens things of the biggest campaign to sell

Business newspaper dispatch perhaps is a kind of coincidence, hold the post of Qi Fanghua of presidential Sa division newly in France, during driving trade of classics of Sino-French two countries to cooperate to the utmost, having background of 500 strong parent company, retail industry Europe ranks athletic product the first, France of global rank second enlighten Ka Nong group, also announced its increase the message in Chinese dilate a few days ago, xiamen also is in new dilate of store of round of chain. This year just promote is enlighten the general manager Liu Zhixin that Ka Nong Xiamen purchases a branch, accept Shi Zeming of reporter special interview to express truly yesterday: Enlighten near future blocking you will open an area in Xiamen the athletic things major of thousands of square metre sells.

Xiamen sells already planning optional location

"Enlighten the development that Ka Nong is in China, it is an epitome that French company grows in China, we develop in China very fast. " Liu Zhixin tells a reporter, french government and course of study of law state-owend enterprise take the classics trade dealings with China seriously more and more, france holds the post of presidential Sakeqi newly to just assumed office to be visited before long China, this enough behaves France to be spent to heavy visual range of China.

China also is France enlighten the market with the rapiddest development of business of whole world blocking you. Of the promotion that gives birth to vivid character as the citizen and Olympic Games spirit drive, more and more athletic brand brand shop and athletic things market open into Xiamen, liu Zhixin says: "Potential of market of Xiamen exercise things is tremendous, enlighten Xiamen blocking you sells had entered phase of program optional location. Enlighten Xiamen blocking you sells had entered phase of program optional location..

The reporter understands, the Ceng Cheng before this is passed inside Xiamen course of study " enlighten card Nong Zheng and at present Xiamen is in project of real estate of a when build large trade negotiates collaboration " message, this look, this hearsay is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. According to Introduction Liu Zhixin, enlighten the city such as the Shanghai that Ka Nong is in China at present, Shenzhen, had opened brand of 14 chain campaign to sell, sell in field besides manage outside having brand of series of 9 big campaign oneself, still having 50 % is Adidasi, be able to bear or endure the other sport brand such as the gram.
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